Please make non-capture rares appear rare!

Pet Battles
A while back there was a blue post listing all the non-capture pets that would be given Rare quality states. Fine; I'm pleased to learn that my Giant Sewer Rat is (supposedly?) a rare pet.

But please make these pets appear blue / Rare in the pet journal. I stopped leveling the Giant Sewer rat in favor of a rare mouse that I captured, thinking my Giant Sewer Rat ("Buster") was only of Common / white quality.

Please fix it so we don't have to check a website to find out which pets of ours are actually rare even though they appear common! Thanks :-)
We shouldn't need to install an addon to fix an in-game issue. I am not talking about showing the rarity of pets I am currently battling. I am taking about non-capture pets (i.e. pets you already had before Mists even came out). Some of those were designated as rares, but they are still not showing up as rare in the pet journal. This should be something the game developers fix internally, not something for which we have to install an addon.
I totally agree! This bugs me too. Scrolling aimlessly through stats to figure out which of my old pets is better is time-consuming, and I wish they were labeled like the catchable pets. I also think that we need a filter option for level and rarity of the pets you already own. It would be so much easier to find what I wanted that way!

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