Klaxxi'vess phasing SNAFU

Bug Report
After the empress attacked the middle circle where the elders were is out of phase with the rest of the area. The elders have dissapeared (even the ones that survived the attack) and the middle pillar is nice and shiney.

The lazer towers around the outside of the clearing are phased post-Empress attack however, and are all busted up.
Update: The server restart did not fix this.
I'm out of phase with Kaz'tik the Manipulator for the quest Falling to Pieces and The Kunchong Whisperer

Not sure if Kaz'tik is an elder or not, but I'm out of phase and can't turn in either of these completed quests or pick up dailies (I think there's dailies there, but can't turn these in to unlock them perhaps?)
Having the same problem here. Cant see the quartermaster npc, and the elders are gone. Cant even see my friends when in a party.
I'm phased too. The quartermaster can be seen when flying towards them, but when I get close they phase out. I hope they fix this soon I want to turn in my Dread Amber Shards.
Same here, I was on the quest to watch the cinematic, Dungeon queue pop'd got out, abandoned the quest (so I could watch the cinematic) and now I can only see the daily quest givers, no inn, no QM, nothing.
opened a ticket with this problem, blizz dismissed it as me asking for tips and help with quests telling me there are plenty of forums and such that can aid me with this. Opened a new ticket a bit more pissed off this time, hopefully I reiterated my problems a bit better.
This still needs to be dealt with BUMP My second ticket closed once again because apparently I'm asking for help with a quest. THIS IS THE ONLY THING RELATED TO MY PROBLEMS WHEN I SEARCH GOOGLE FOR !@#$ INVOLVING THE KLAXXI QM DISAPPEARING

I'm getting pretty pissed blizzard, as a BS I can't buy the plans to help out my guild, it's stunting our progression, and if it's not an actual fricken problem then where the frick is my damn solution.
I'm having the same problem and my tickets say that they do not offer quest help, they said to look online to solve my problem.
I also have this problem I accepted a quest from the guy in the middle as the bg queue pop'ed when i came back he wasn't there I dropped the quest hoping that would help it did not, also the quest is like one of the last ones in the zone i have to do.
All the NPCs in Klaxxi'vess disappear as I enter. It's been like this for almost two weeks. One dismissed ticket. One currently active.

Anyone have success yet?
I'm in the same boat and had to call with the reply that it's a program issue and that they are scheduled to look into it. Seems that a lot of people are in this situation. Hope they get on this phasing issue soon I miss the quartermaster. Going to be bugging WoW about my bugged bug area every week after maintence till its fixed. Puts a damper on my game.
Having same issue for 2 days now - relog does not help. Out of Phase with "Falling to Pieces" and "the Kunchong Whisperer" !!!!
Go back to where you first go the quests, when he pulled up his weapon, that's where I find Kha"Tik, I was phased out too.

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