Zhu's Despair, Yi-Mo missing

Bug Report
Killed 8 manifestations of despair but now cannot find Yi-Mo to cure him and complete the quest.
Glad I'm not the only one having trouble find him.

Where is that pesky rat? His name doesn't even show up on my detect humanoids.
I had the same problem, talk to Ken-Ken and choose "Lets do This!", then he appears near the well
Hope this helped
Zalexium is spot on. This quest is poorly spelled out in the quest notes. Kill 8 of the manifestations of despair. Go and talk with Ken-Ken and choose "Let's Do This". He will follow you. Take him to the well in the middle of town and Yi-Mo will be there. Interact with Yi-Mo and a Sha spirit will pop out. Kill it and then wait for Ken-Ken to get back to his starting point to finish the quest.

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