First cracks at Challege Mode

Bleeding Hollow
I know we won't be hitting gold off the bat but who wants to look at a few challenge modes later today. Gonna be chaining direbrew and heroics for a bit after maintenance to try and replace my last few non 463s but I kinda wanna see what all the fuss is about.

PST me and we'll see how it looks. :D

*EDIT -- I'd prefer people 450ish+ Gonna be saccing a lot of secondary stats since you should be raid boss hitcapped for theses. Going to be doing a run not worried about the clock to see how different they are and then going for bronzes at least. Probably use skype or openraids ventrilo.
Id be willing to try some out. Hit me up in game when the servers come back up.
Good luck, let us know how they are.
Anyone else? Not gonna go unless i can get enough ppl from realm.

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