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I've complained about this months ago and decided to wait for a few character refreshes come through. There's a character that I can select on that I never created, whenever I click on him the site brings me to a page that states, "Oops! Character not found." or something like that. I've looked in the realm that the character says it's on, but there wasn't anything there. Is there anyway to remove "Hydrivert" of Kil'Jaeden of the selectable list on I did not create him and waited months for character refreshes to come through. I've tried clearing the cache and logging into my account from different browsers.

A few months ago I even created a Gnome Death Knight with the same name and server so I could delete it and then hopefully it would get rid of the phantom character, but I didn't have any luck. Do you guys have any other ideas to get rid of the phantom character?By the way, I can also provide pictures.
This character is not mine either, no idea how it got attached to my account.

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