Anyone started their "Farm" Yet?

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Just wandering if anyone started their "Farm" with the tiller yet??? Please share, cuz wowwiki, and wowepdia just suck now.
i did the first quest and i think i have to wait to do the others till i hit 90. first quest was grow scallions
So they do make you a farmer in a way............
Honored already. Dailies I actually look forward to.
I'm a harvest moon addict. What do you think?
I have, already popped up a couple of plants to start stock-piling my cooking mats. I normally will log on at work and do my daily JC discovery and farm stuff.
I cant do any other daily quests but others on my server can
I did it and I put some random crops in the ground for now since I have no idea what I should do now. I think I should grow more flowers though cause the one vendor likes them as gifts and she offers some interesting items.

I don't have any dailies up though but I'm only 87.
Icy Veins has a pretty good Tillers guide, go check it out.
I've started my farm. ^^ Not 90 yet so I only have 4 soils, but that's alright. I enjoy it. :D
Ya. I hit 90 yesterday and started my farm on the release day. so far.. I've grown alot of carrots! The dailies are actually kinda fun too.. but thats just my opinion.
I have to harvest my scallion's today. I luv the damn farm and the market besides it. It's such a fun little thing, I love it. I can only imagine what it will look like later.
It's great. I've done a couple days worth of dailies. These vary from pulling weeds to doing bombing-runs (except with buckets of water) and the standard killing/collecting, but the planting itself really stands out. Every day there's something new to unlock and every time you plant something new there's a different kind of minigame. I had to fight off a vine that wrapped around me just to get my eggplant under control. Was unable to plant scallions without pulling them from the ground to the point of jumping up in the air a whole bunch. It's all very peaceful, lighthearted and fun.
There's a lot of stuff to look forward to later on. Things like harvesting motes. It's absolutely something to invest time in. :D
quick cash? farm carrots.
Already have some seeds which should be full grown today so I can level up my way of the brew ^_^
Yeah. I'm liking it so far. I just wish the dailies where you give farmers food would show in the log. I keep getting distracted and forgetting what they want.
i have, its fun....if only i could grow golden lotus. that'd be amazing

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