Just tamed Savage.

Though there is no achieve for it, I believe it's a server first for Blackhand.

Congrats!! I haven't seen any rare pets yet. Just a few humanoid npcs that were already killed by time my NPC scanner went off XD

Cant wait to get my hands on the pet with the battle resurrection, but i don't even have MOP yet so that might be a while.
Ty guys! Good hunting!
Just got him, it was pretty fun.
Congrats, i was able to tame him has well within 20 mins of svrs going live.
I like the eyes
I got mine at 12:04 after servers went live Tuesday morning. May not be an official achieve but knowing it in your mind that u got the first one is still a neat feeling.

I'm absolutely loving this new tracking thing. It's sooooooo much more fun than going Afk waiting for npc scan to go off. It's actually fun to tame now. I really hope they continue with this idea in future patches. I'm having a freaking blast with it.
Nevermind; found her and got her tamed...
what new tracking thing?
How do u folow the tracks? do u follow the heel or the wa ythe foot is facing
NM i literally just found him, you follow the tracks backwards, as in the face the heel is going.
wow nice congrats!
Gratz on your tame! I just tamed mine today. Such a Beautiful pet I love his eyes :P
ah (*%&$# i wish i knew this was a rare, i saw this in the jade forest on my DK, just thought it was a elite since it had the gold instead of the silver around the name plate. If i had know about it i would of jumped on my Hunter /sadface

How could you have possibly seen this pet. Only hunters can see it when they use the flare ability.
I got him on crushridge the night before last :) I think it was server first as well. It'll be funny when the invisible rares become more well-known... lots of people will be tracking it. I was the only one the other night.
09/25/2012 04:57 AMPosted by Ephratah
Though there is no achieve for it, I believe it's a server first for Blackhand.

likes the smell of his own farts?
i just tamed him! pretty sweet... took me like 40 mins to track him down, did get a little distracted tho. i got him around north of dawns blossom.. right under that cave thats there.

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