Just tamed Savage.

I managed to nab Bloodtooth last night. He is amazing looking. Gogo dragonturtle!
Tamed Savage at 11:40 pm on Argent dawn. Tried followin prints but kept losing them. Decided to wait by pond. % mins later a track appeared in front of me and I flared it and tamed him. Named him Baihu which is the Chinese name for their constellation White Tiger
Congratulations! :D I like my Savage cat very much.
congrats bro i just caught glimmer myself.
I got Savage without trying. I logged in one day and boom, there was his tracks.

Yet I camp for hours for the pink bird and never see its tracks. Typical
10/06/2012 02:07 PMPosted by Daisypoo
Yet I camp for hours for the pink bird and never see its tracks. Typical

Here's the deal with the pink bird: his tracks are 1) really hard to see and 2) are seriously effected by phasing. I lost his trail about 5 times while tracking him. Even though I saw his tracks, it still took me about an hour to actually tack him down and tame him. Try flying his entire route a couple of times. It may be that he's just meandering through a phased area.
i have all 9, had them all less than a week after release.
I have't really tried looking for any rare pets yet, but you have to flare where the tracks are to get them to appear?
im tryig to hlep my GF find the tracks for teh pink flamingo dude. Can all classes see the tracks or can only hunters?

i know hunters have to flare the beast out but ive been looking all day not one barely visible track
1) You do have to flare near the tracks. It's an educated guess, so your best bet is to wait until you SEE tracks spawn, then flare just a little in front of that.

2) Patrannche is a pain. He phases. He forgets to drop tracks. His tracks are backwards. If you can, enlist a buddy. Or bring some soda and snacks.

3) Only hunters. Try googling Because it's Rare if you need any help following his route.
Right now on my hunter Im having the hardest of times finding him! Im on Sin'Jin alliance Simayi the name if you can help.

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