Quick question regarding the Destro spec

When I build up burning embers my character catches fire (which is awesome)
however there is a constant burning sound that I hear even when I have no embers and when my character is not on fire. I want to enjoy the new voiced dialogue blizzard has added or just simply level up a profession without constantly hearing the sounds of flames burning. I like the new Destro spec a lot but I really don't want to play this game with the sound turned off just for this reason is this constant burning sound intended?

Also it seems that when I hit a loading screen the sound will stop and may not come back for awhile. It would be cool if they added the burning sound while in combat but out of combat is gets extrememly irritating to listen to. Is this some sort of a small bug or is there something I can do to stop the sound without SWITCHING SPECS or TURNING OFF MY SOUND?
It's possible the Verdent Spheres glyph might turn off that sound, at the cost of turning off your character catching fire. I've never tested it with destro, though.
Very much agreed. Just gave Destruction a shot tonight, and the constant burning noise was very grating after awhile. Verdant Spheres does not make the sound go away.
I checked the box for "Enable Reverb" in the sound options and the noise goes away now. Does not appear to be intended. Maybe just a glitch with a particular sound hardware configuration. Turning reverb off does not make it reappear. Quick fix.

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