Blizz what's with the loggon time, it's like Darkspear during wrath 20 MINUTES!

Q.Q Sir Chilli wants to play.
I'm position 506 waiting time left 22 mins :[
09/25/2012 04:08 PMPosted by Rampuko
I'm position 506 waiting time left 22 mins :[

lol im position 810 with estimated time 13 mins, guess thats a lie
258.. Only have gotten to play for an hour so far

edit: 50th see you in the games
I imagine myself going in the game and disconnecting and have to wait again if that happens
i waited for 15 mins to get in played for 20 mins got dced and now im waiting for 15 mins so far and im 256 in que....wow...
I never had a queue time during wrath. its frustrating, frustrating, frustrating

I'm 1k plus... ugh.
it says its locked. the !@#$
wtb FCM
Either swifty logged in and is livestreaming, or they reduced the max amount of players for darkspear to have online. there wasn't a queue before i went to bed....

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