(A) <Storm Hammer> MOP Recruitment (LF tank)

I will try and keep this as short and sweet as possible!

Firstly, the basics:
  • 10 man Alliance guild;
  • Based on Saurfang;
  • Cata Progression: 8/8HM;
  • Level 25;
  • Times: 8-11pm EST (server time +10 GMT or 6-9pm WST);
  • Days: Monday & Wednesday
  • Website: www.stormhammer.net ;
  • Start date for MOP raiding: 17/10/2012.

We are primarily looking for the roles listed below (updated as needed), however, we do accept and consider applications from other classes/roles and also social members.

We are looking for:
  • 1 tank (non-pally, must have DPS off spec)
  • 1 DPS (Rogue, druid, lock, monk - check website for availability); and

What we look for in our Raiders:
  • High sense of awareness;
  • Maturity Punctuality and attendance;
  • Knowledge of class played; and
  • Fully gemmed, enchanted and reforged.

We are a small guild run by experienced officers, with a great group of mature, friendly raiders. We have a down to earth approach to raiding and recognise each of our raiders has a voice - everyone is encouraged to participate in guild discussions on progression etc. We have the potential to move quickly through MOP raiding and be well placed for competitive progression into the next expansion.

Although we are a small guild, we are active. We have members who do Arena and BG's on a regular basis and there is always something going on in the guild, down to runs for transmog gear and achieves.

If this sounds like you contact Phishtank (Real ID: rick.tarrant@tpg.com.au), Lilliaath, Irridiae or Songargo in game or visit www.stormhammer.net.
Come join the fun :)

See you in Pandaria!
we are very much in need of a second tank in order to start MSV

would prefer a non pally tank.
still looking for a tank? warrior tank perhaps?

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