Best Healer Monk Race? Horde and Alli

I know most of its probably pref on what Race. But the little racial abillitys what make it "the best" for me. I wanna make my Monk and I just don't know what to make her. I know I wanna be main spec Healer. The probably duel Spec dps.

I'd like to hear what would make the best Horde and Alli Monk for healer spec and why do you think? I'm so undesided :(
far as I can tell, panda endgame stats weigh INT much much MUCH higher than any other secondary stat in any way or form.

So I'd say pandarian and making full use of max buff food and Epicurean which doubles the number of stat gain from it.

infact if your looking for racials. trolls about the only other real choice that will make much of a difference, and even that's just because of casting speed increase from bezerking.

gnome if you want a little extra mana....

nobodies elses racials will really make a difference on the healing
There's a few things to take in consideration.

Orc has a straight throughput racial that aligns with 2 min trinkets (most of them).
Gift of the naaru might be a solid pick for your arsenal.
Then again, if you plan to Raid the pandaren food buff increase sounds really great, specially since no other race provides an Int buff.

Those are the only 2 racials I think would make a difference, the rest buff secondary stats.
Berserking, assuming is kept on cooldown is (or used to be) a 1.1% haste increase.
Blood Elves have mana return on their racial. Gnomes have a bigger mana pool, and humans get extra spirit.

Touch of the grave might be worth looking into... But i don't have any thoughts as I've yet to try monks.

For me its gonna be Undead Monk, tauren and bloodelf pallies are just... EWWWW for me.
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Blood Elves have mana return on their racial. Gnomes have a bigger mana pool, and humans get extra spirit.

Blood Elves are far and away the best for most healing classes. Restoring 6% mana every 2 min blows spirit buffs and gnome's +mana out of the water.

Unfortunately, Blood Elf Monks' Arcane Torrent restores 1 Chi instead of mana. Which, for the record, is BS and makes me a sad non-panda.
At higher gear levels (I hear), the Human +Spirit racial overtakes Gnomes' flat mana-pool boost.

Pandas come in after that, on the scale, *plus* their racial is unparallelled for its flexibility. Still need mana regen? Double Spirit food buff. You're doing fine on mana regen? Double Int food.

I think it's the only racial which allows you to make use of a primary stat, which is pretty big for end-game min/maxxers.

Blood Elves' Chi regen comes after that.

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