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So I totally scrapped the team I started with (frostling,pebble,spirit of summer) and have switched to a pandaren monk, lil'tag, and the lucky dog (mists collector pet)

They are doing ok but I'm still open for other ideas. Maybe a team of machines or creepy crates...lol
I'm trying to keep my team balanced, so that there isn't one type that can rip me apart. I also like heals. I'm running:

Panther (if he kills someone with his one bite, he heals)

Phoenix Hatchling (puts a HoT on himself)

Personal World Destroyer (stands still for 2 rounds, then heals to full)

I call it Triple P. :3
Right now I'm running:

Winterspring Cub (has a heal if she kills with it)

Lil Tarecgosa (her Surge of Power is quite OP)

Moonkin Hatchling (horde side)

It's a pretty nice setup, except I am currently stuck on the 6th trainer with the mechanical pets. So I went to Desolace to get an elemental pet to battle with. I'm also still a couple levels below, so I have to play catch up.
As per my other thread, you really need more than just 3, 6 is a pretty good number.
I'm using:
Darkmoon Zepplin
Emerald Whelpling
Panther Cub
Hyacinth Macaw
Phoenix Hatchling
Right now, I'm just running around with a Mechanical Squirrel and the Fossilized Hatchling. I'm not sure what other two I'll end up with, but that Squirrel will be number one!

Game Over.
Creeper:Creepy Crate

Creepier:Ghostly Skull

Mr. Chilly:Mr. Chilly
At this point my most common team is Deathy, Mini Thor, and Lil Rag. I have a whole host of others that are a level or two behind them that get subbed in as needed.
So far Lil Deathwing will be my main for pets while I will be switching the other two around when I need to. I am going to try and do an all dragon team and see how that does. Btw, Baby Blizzard Bear is awesome. That little guy can kick some butt!

This is what I am rolling at the moment, but like I said I am trying to go for an all Dragon team once I level my pets to a higher level:

Lil Deathwing
Lucky Quilen Cub
Creepy Crate
Clockwork Gnome: Gnomey
Creepy crate: Creepy
Fossilized hatchling: Fossily
Currently starting out with:

-Fetish Shaman

At the moment I start with Fetish Shaman and put up his Immolate dot, switch to Willy and put up his Agony dot and stick with Willy's Tongue Lash. Grunty is my heavy hitter of the group to clean up.

My Fetish Shaman just won me my first PvP match :D! Up against a Rabbit, Ooze and a Geode. We were evenly matched ( their Geode really hit hard D: 300dmg) but we got done to our last pet ( My Shaman VS Geode) and I got them to 17hp and they finished off my pet....but wait! My Fetish Shaman is Undead type and gets a last stand for one round and took em out, WOOT! :p
Still making my team. Finding it really hard to choose who I want lol

But so far I've been using:
Lil' Deathwing
Gilnean Raven
Mini Thor
I was using Father Winters Helper, Winterveil Reindeer and the clockwork gnome from archaeology. Then I was using both the winterveil humanoids and the clockwork gnome so it was an all gnome team :p

Then I got a spiderling and a parrot with my spirit of summer, which I then switched to a personal world destroyer but didn't battle them yet cause I had to go to bed, so I could get up and be somewhat functional at work today :(
Clockwork gnome is my only permanent one. I really like the looks of the spells the lost of lordareon has.

I just wish more pet's spells went together. Pets with attacks that double damage in a certain scenario should provide that scenario.
I shall name my clockwork gnome Clockwork Orange.

And I don't have to list my pets just click on my avatar and see my pets from the armory.

But for those that won't do that I am running

12th lvl Azure Whelpling - I have seen him one shot 600 hp battle pets.
11th lvl Grunty - Could have sworn he was also 12th lvl last night when I logged.
9th lvl Armidillo - so far he is the weakest of them all. Might start one of my robots out tonight. I Had high hopes for this because of his shield but I have only been disappointed thus far.
Frosty from LK CE
Fetish Shaman
Currently running:

Clockwork Gnome
Disgusting oozeling
Spiky lizard

Was using harvester until plague land trainer, this company worked well on the beast teams. They are all 14 right now.
My Phoenix Hatchling is my only permanent member. I keep switching around all my other pets.
I have a hare named Peanut, a spider named Peter and a darkmoon turtle named Tooga. I will always have a bunny on my team because I have a bunny irl, they're my favorite animal and they're just so adorable! <3 [terrible for most pet battle situations though lol] Also: saw a squirrel today and my first instinct was to sick my rabbit on it and see if I could trap it [stopped myself before actually doing it]...this may be a problem...
I've been using fossilized hatchling, voodoo figurine and razzashi hatchling.

It's done pretty well so far ideally i would like to replace fossilized or voodoo as they are both undead.

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