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Pet Battles
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I'm currently rocking the Frostwyrm from the Wrath CE, Disgusting Oozling, and Hyacinth Macaw.
I have Giant Sewer Rat, he goes okay and I had decided on him from the time I knew there would be pet battles as I just love rats and have kept them as pets for about ten years.

Darkmoon Turtle because dat Headbutt.

And fianlly Feline Familiar which is okay I guess... I dunno I feel I should have maybe a flying pet or a pet that is elemental.

I guess I will work it out but all in all I am having a blast with pet battles!

Any suggestions for improvement welcome!
My level 25 team:

Clockwork Gnome
Darkmoon Zeppelin
Festering Maggot

I didn't consciously intend to make this my team, I just swapped out wounded pets while trying to figure things out and eventually these guys just started pulling away.

( now, if you'll excuse me I really, really need to get some sleep )
i have to know is anyone else running a "team of 1"

meaning just having 1 high lvl pet?
I redid my team and now I use the Worg Pup who is my favorite after her comes my Wind Rider Cub than behind him is Lil' Tarecgosa who I named in order, Buffy, Horde Killer and Skyflyer.
Tiny Shale hatchling (10) (Jadefang drop)
(crystal) Predator Zin

Grunty (10)
Sargent Azure

Darkmoon Zepplin (11)
(The) Zetacloud

Im gonna Draw these pets together in an epic pice of art, these three are my favorite so far, unfortunately my Names are limited and are not the full names (ingame) as i have to bracket some. :P i take naming my pets Srsly!

(i could even write a short story just for fun featuring the 3 pets)

not having enough space or some "banned" words/letters is the bane of my naming fun!
Here's my team that took me all the way to 25 without too much of a problem
Only time i needed a new member is with the undead trainer in crystalsong forest

Nether Ray Fry
great move set for every occasion

Celestial Dragon
Good HP pool, but moves are kinda weak at max level

Sporeling Sprout (rare catch)
Definitely the star of the team, his move Takedown is amazing, and he can heal himself, worth looking for a rare if you get the chance.
Right now I've got
Mini Diablo
Soul of the aspects.

Also lvling
Lil k.t.
Moonkin Hatchling
My team is:

Clockwork Gnome (Ginome :D)
Phoenix Hatchling (Fire Heat)
Golden Dragonhawk (No name... >.<)

I don't like to have pets of the same type in my team :D
I joined a little more than a month ago, so I haven't been able to get any of the rarer vanity pets or event ones, so I've been using a domesticated team, all of them rare-quality.

Krabby (Shore Crab) - this is my tanky guy. His shell and heal over time help shrug off attacks and force longer battles, and along with his Aquatic passive (25% DoT reduction), he's able to block most, if not all, DoT effects.

Freddy Krueger (Tiny Harvester) - agile and powerful. Plus, I just love Mechanical pets' passive =)

Ekans (Tree Python) - main damage dealer. I may switch this one later but so far he's worked pretty well. Burrow deals a TON of damage!

So far I've pretty much stomped PvP battles (levels 10-11). My main issue is Flying pets but nobody uses those anyway.
Hyjal Bear Cub
Moonkin Hatchling

Thought it was pretty awesome to have a druid cleave going on. But none of them are that strong vs Bill Bucker so I'm leveling a Celestial Dragon.
Onyxia Whelp

May switch out warbot for Willie, but I haven't decided yet.
Magical Crawdad
Voodoo Figurine
doing very well
Calico Cat (named Mina after my own kitten)
And a changing third, usually a Raven.
Ive got my ...

Fossilized Hatchling.
Panther Cub.
Voodoo Figurine.

My husband told me the Panther Cub has to be the most powerful starting pet that I had.
So if you dont have it, run to SW and grab the 30 minute quest line to go get it.
Voodoo guy from Arch : Undead 1 turn rez, DoT's.

Baby Panther : Devour is nice heals if he kills with it, doesn't work often in pvp but great for power leveling in PvE

Panda Monk: Anti Dragon, decent health and at ten his double smack down is brutal
Lil' Deathwing, Lil' XT, and Deathy~ I'm hoping for a third Deathwing vanity/battle pet comes out, so my team can be completed!
I use a team synergized around the "Darkness" buff. It's been working pretty well so far.

Lil' Deathwing
Gilnean Raven
Pandaren Monk

My favorite pet in the game so far is Legs. I will eventually find a team synergy for it. I love this pet battling stuff, so much fun!
Bumble -Tranquil Mechanical Yeti-lvl 11 (self res, mechanical)
Reckless-Azure Whelpline-Lvl 10[/i](dragonkin, cause hes my favorite)
Sofei - Curious Oracle hatchling-lvl 7 (but change this alot so i can catch lvl 1 pets )
Murky - I have one. Just have to use him. He actually has great speed stat.

The other two I'm trying to stick with but I'm playing around.

Pet Bombling great utility. Land mine keep other thinking about switching out.

Curious Wolvar Pup - His whirlwind damages opponents other pets. Up front isn't so great though.

Been thinking about using little Tarcegosa (spelling ugh). My kid is using Lil T and holy crap it has that one nuke!

Edit: Bombling is just awesome!! Had 1/3 health left and beat up a Pandaren Monk from 100% to 0 without the monk ever being able to move.

Decided that because everybody I go against uses a mechanical (and I mean everybody), I'm leveling a Lil' Ragnaros (every move destroys mechanicals) to throw out first. Going to make them all re-think their strat.

New Lineup: Ragnaros, Bombling, Murky (with Lil T and Panda Cub on the sidelines )

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