Streaming Pet Battle training!

Pet Battles
Just going around the world collecting and training pets. I'll be sharing a little dialogue on my strategies and sharing ideas via my stream chat. I am keeping up with in-depth analysis of training using various sites and tools, and share my knowledge with you! Come join me!

or (they both take you to the same place)

Come watch and be entertained!

Background: I have been a League of Legends streamer for months, playing in Gold ranked Elo levels. My stream provides entertainment as well as help, tutorials and guides. I hope you enjoy your time watching my stream.
Bump :D Fighting zombie squirrels!
09/26/2012 11:19 AMPosted by Siigari
Bump :D Fighting zombie squirrels!

Very cool! Thanks! <3
No problem! Facing swarms of dead deer now (wth?)
To the top, nearing level 14 with my chorus of Whelplings.
I've been watching from my ipad in the kitchen. Learning so much! Great tips!

Thanks again bumpsy :D
Having a pretty good time, sharing strategies and such, instuling his shirt for being yellow.
"Okay, it's a squirrel, I gotta pay attention"

Dem squirrels!
Really happy the Eastern Plaguelands boss didn't have an OP squirrel. Just a fawn. Lol
This stuff's intense.
Might wait to level this lil monk. lol

I'm so hooked on battle pets for now.

Must get in an hour or so before work tonight. Check ya later, for sure!
Thanks for watching!
OOOH MIRROR MATCH! Whelplings vs Whelplings! Come watch!
To the top!
237 wins in a row and counting...
To the top! 243 wins!
Tip of the show: Adders suck, watch yourselves.
lol. Bump ;P
To the top, got a really great flow now. Pet battles are taking 2-3 minutes a pop at level 18.

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