Strong Pet Trap?

Pet Battles
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50 pet achievement 9/26
200 pet achievement 9/29

No new traps on any of my toons.
Got the achievement awhile ago and still it's the weak trap to this day.
I got the achievement capture 50 battle pets on 9/28, 100 on 10/4. None of my toons are showing the new trap.
I completed the achievement Going to Need more Traps 10/04/12
My trap graphic is still the same as when I started, with no updated tooltip to reflect the upgraded trap.
Character: Webbosdos
Realm: Stormreaver
Still no luck here either.
Character: Bilgoltin
Realm: Scarlet Crusade
50 pet achieve 9/28.
Char - Nivh
Realm - Terenas
No visible change to traps.
I have the pet achievement.
Char - Probably
Realm - Whisperwind
Trap still says "Trap", is wooden box, and has a 20% increase per failed attempt according to tooltip.
Leni, Argent Dawn, and neither the tooltip nor the graphic changed after I got the achievement.

50 pets earned 9/26/12, 200 pets earned 9/27/12
I still do not have the updated art or trap for Strong pet Trap. I got the achieve 9/30/12
Strong Trap earned 9/28. Still @ 20% increase per failure. No visible change (tooltip or graphics).
At this point can we just get a vendor we can buy it from if we have the achievement?
I'm showing it in the tooltip now but I am not at all sure it's working right. I just fought a pet (infected fawn in WPL) that I missed died before I caught it :(
Character: Monet
Realm: Bleeding Hollow
Achievement Earned: 9/25/12

None of the standard indicators have been updated - Icon, Tooltip, or Model
I got the Zen Pet Hunter achievement on 10/04/12, I still have the basic trap animation and stats.

Thunderhorn Realm
got the 50 achievement 10/08/12
Char: kalystia
Realm: Bonechewer

also to note, I captured my pets, but got no achievement notification that it completed, I had to log onto an alt to see that i actually did complete that achievement.
Character: Rinn
Realm: Kul'Tiras
Trap Art: Basic / Starter
Going to Need More Traps completed 9/26
No new trap, trap art, or trap tooltip
i already got the jade tentacle and ... still no strong traps =(
Toon: Kítami (The i is alt code 161)
Tooltip: Same as the starter one
I got the "Going to Need More Traps" achievement on 9/29 and no upgrade in graphics, tool tip, or performance as of yet. Saaaad days. This character, on US Muradin.

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