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I have the correct achievement to get the strong trap reward but no tooltip, graphic, or any other evidence exists to show that I have a different trap. It's on this character I'm posting from.
I got my "Going to Need More Traps" achievement on 10/01/12, before the hotfix, and I also am not seeing any improvement to the traps; it's still listed as "Trap" with a +20% chance to capture per additional attempt, not +25% like the Strong Trap should have, and the same old rickety plywood trap appearance.

Endus - Bleeding Hollow US.

Adding myself to the list.
I've completed Going to Need More Traps on 9/29, and the tooltip and icon did not change at all, even after the hotfix. (this character, this server)
Same problem here. Got the strong trap achievement within the first day, haven't seen any visual or tooltip changes.

<--- This toon.
i got the more traps achieve on Haruspex - Firetree on 9.30.12! my tool tip has not changed. my icon has not changed. i have since captured over 200 battle pets with my WEAK trap. hot fix did not work for me. PLEASE FIX!!!

you managed to Nerf my clockwork gnome turret in less than 24 hours of mists going live... yet almost a full two weeks later i'm still forced to use weak trap... i'm sure if the bug was reversed and everybody got strong traps when they shouldn't have them Blizz would have fixed it in less than 24 hours like they did my clockwork gnomes turret buff.

so if its a BUFF to players it gets ACTUALLY fixed in less than 24 hours but a Nerf to players wont get fixed until maybe next patch? MAYBE??

Got my achievement on Oct 3rd, "Going to need more traps"
but as of last night the mechanics of the traps are unchanged, took me 6 tries last night to capture my rare Bucktooth Flapper.
This character
Realm: Jaedenar
10/08/2012 11:27 AMPosted by Bashiok
We applied a hotfix to attempt to resolve issues of not properly receiving the upgraded Strong and Pristine traps. Please let us know if you're still having the issue, what character and realm is seeing the issue, and once you received the achievement, did your trap art, tooltip or icon change to reflect an upgraded trap?

I still don't have Strong Pet Traps. This is for this character, Devipotato@Stormrage. I earned the achievement on 10/2/12, and none of these things have changed to reflect the upgraded trap I was supposed to get.
This was broken on beta and well reported. No clue why it was allowed to go live.

I got the achievement on Allaisa, Kirin Tor server the day MoP went live. No change to the graphics, no change to the tool tip. still the same crappy 20% trap.
I've captured 226 pets on Trylle-Zangarmarsh and Ailura-Llane, but both characters still have the old plywood 20% trap.
I also got the achievement within the first 48 hours of Pet Battles going live, but I still have the original trap. The icon, tool tip, etc are exactly the same.
Still seeing the problem here too. This toon, as well as many others.
My trap says "trap' has the wooden icon and animation, and tooltip reads 20% increased chance on failure.
Earned the achievement "Going to Need More Traps" on 9/26/12.

Character: Woofo
Realm: Dalvengyr
Trap art: Default; wooden box thing

Icon: Default; wooden box thing
Tooltip: "Trap Attempt to catch a pet below 35% health. Capture chance is increased by 20% each time you fail."
I have the normal Trap icon and tooltip. I earned Going To Need More Traps on 9/28/2012, and Master Pet Hunter on 9/30/2012.
10/08/2012 12:03 PMPosted by Solder
I've got the Strong Trap. The trap changed from a simple wood box to a wooden cage with metal bars, and it gives me 25% increased chance every time the trap fails instead of 20%.

If this is what it's supposed to be then I still have the original crappy trap. WTH, Blizz! Fix this!!
I'm really sick of my rickety wooden pet catcher.
Realm: US Uldaman
Character: Amnon

I have the Master Pet Hunter achievement dated 10/7/12.

The accomplished achievement does not show the text "Reward: Strong Pet Trap" at the base of it (not sure if it should or not, but most reward-giving achievements retain the reward text at the bottom).

My trap has not upgraded or changed.

Additionally, I am not getting achievement credit for "Taming Eastern Kingdoms" even though all of the tamer names in the achievement are checked off as completed. I had to beat the first few tamers on an Alliance toon, since my main toon is Amnon, a Horde character.
Still basic trap for me as well. Earned the one that is supposed to award the trap on the 29th and then Master Pet hunter on the 4th of this month. Both earned on this character.
At 139 trapped, still waiting for better traps...
Adding my name to the list:

Realm: US-Kil'Jaeden
Character: Darthslayer

Earned the achievement on 9/27/12 and still have the same old trap with the same old icon.

I have the achievement and I still don't have the strong trap. It's still the same wooden trap, and just says "trap" on the tooltip. I've seen the upgraded version on my partners game and I most definitely don't have it.

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