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Add me to the list - Piazzolla on Kirin Tor, exploding with elaborate strings of profanity every time a trap misses 4-5 times in a row and a single pet grinds down my team. <:V Fix this garbage.
This toon! She has no better traps. D=

Bloodstained, Argent Dawn, and original trap that has never changed.
My trap art is still the same and I have done the achievement for the pristine trap. My trap still says 20% increase chance every time it's used.

Fawnix on Kul Tiras
Also lacking in the strong trap department.
Same old trap :(

This character is my only character =(
Sarm of Mal'Ganis, still lacking a Strong Pet Trap. "Going to need more traps" achievement earned 10/01/12.
I earned the achievement for it early on in the expansion, no change in icon, tooltip etc

Add me to the list!
Obatem - Argent Dawn
10/01/12 - earned Going to Need More Traps
still have original animation and tooltip (and miss rate) on all my characters
have captured 89 pets total
I am lacking it as well, and I have both achievements for Strong Trap AND Pristine, I believe (captured 200+ pets). Raziya on Ravencrest.
I don't have it, maybe we need to hear from more people that do have it? So we can determine what the difference(s) might be
I have nothing, still have my little wooden crate trap. Takes 5 turns to catch anything, tad frustrating, but workable.
Caught over 100 pets on Gaultier-Thrall...same basic trap graphic and low chance of capture.
As I mentioned in my previous response, I am having this issue (old trap/animation/tooltip) (primary pet battle character Briqitta - Argent Dawn US)

I realized this morning that I had actually earned the achievement PRIOR TO adding the MOP CD Key to my account.

Not sure if that would be a factor but I thought I'd bring it up.
Earned the achievement on 9/25 or 9/26. Haven't done battles much while on other characters, but haven't seen a change to the trap on any of them.

Edit: Haven't seen any changes (animation, tooltip, etc.). Hard to say if the functionality changed or not, but it seems to work the same.
I've had the achievement since day one of mists, still the same trap. I've had a GM ticket open about it for half a week now.
still no strong traps as of the server shutdown for me either.
10/08/2012 11:27 AMPosted by Bashiok
We applied a hotfix to attempt to resolve issues of not properly receiving the upgraded Strong and Pristine traps. Please let us know if you're still having the issue, what character and realm is seeing the issue, and once you received the achievement, did your trap art, tooltip or icon change to reflect an upgraded trap?
This toon: Katrian on Madoran. I haven't been doing as much pet stuff on my other toons, but they haven't seen any art/icon/tooltip or efficiency upgrades either. (I don't know if it's account wide or not.) None of the above changed for the toon that did all the trapping either.
Also having this problem across all my toons. Never have I seen anything stronger than my crappy trap. I got the strong trap achieve weeks ago.
Add me to the list, got the achievement in the first few days after MoP release; trap has not upgraded to my knowledge on any toons.
I have not had any change to my trap, and I have the achievement "Zen Pet Hunter", I was unaware that the character that got the achievement was important as all my characters get to use the same pets and level them so I can't be sure exactly what character actually got the achievement (I have 9 active characters that I play). It could very likely be this one though.

Regardless, I still have the old basic trap I had to start and still miss 4 to 6 times on certain pets, especially those higher than my current team.

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