Prat or something?

UI and Macro
I have a completely custom UI and prat provided a couple features I found extremely necessary in my UI.

1. I can move my chat windows to where ever I need them, including anchoring my edit box to the non general pane. This also allows me to customize the size and position.

2. Allows me to copy important information with multiple functions. Links/email addresses give me the option to copy them directly from chat, or if it's not a link I can right click the line in chat and choose the copy to edit box feature allowing me to copy lines of chat, etc.

Currently Prat does not work for me, I've updated it, tried the fan patches, etc, I still cannot get it to work properly. two separate issues happen when I use prat. The first being that every time I enter combat, chat just completely stops displaying and I miss anything that's said in important channels including raid and whisper. The second albeit is not as crucial is still insanely irritating, I have a Logitech g19 keyboard with a built in monitor. Every time I receive a whisper it displays the name across the monitor. If I receive a real id or battletag whisper though, instead of displaying the correct name it pulls some random name from my list, whether the person has been logged on or not. Occasionally my keyboard informs me that my friend who hasn't logged on 5 months is whispering me O.o. This is exclusive to prat, if I disable prat, (-or- install a 3 patches ago version of prat) it'll display correctly.

I need something to either replace prat, fix prat, or at the very least, MOVE my chat windows, because this is impossible.....

As you can see the default chat UI won't allow me to lower the chat windows any further than where the default blizzard art bar sits, except I have it disabled. I'm also stuck with the specific height/width requirements it forces on me, so it sticks out or gets cut off depending on which chat box you're looking at.

Thank you.
There are tons of chat mods out there. You might want to try some alternatives.
Most of them can do what you need, excepting maybe the editbox freely detaching and moving around. Don't know chat mods that can do it.

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