10/14H <Federal Reserve> GDKP Sat. Weekly 25M

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Bump for high dps.
Bump for more high DPS. The push this week will be also to complete HoF.

If you are a garbage player, please just don't apply. We don't have time for you to learn all the fights and wipe on sha of fear.
Bump for full clear.
Bump. Need a few more high dps for this run. Must know ambershaper.

Also, need a few healers who won't die to 2nd boss in HoF:)
LF 3 more high DPS, and 1 Solid resto shaman.
I'd be more than happy to go as your resto shaman. I had to leave my prior guild due to their raid times (very late night). So do let me know if you need/want me and I will be good to go! I am available both days so just give the word.
you are required for Saturday.
Bump for a clean run. Put up with my rusty dps and raid awareness. Looking forward to future runs.
Bump. Closing in on Fridays run.
Looking for 505 + iLvl players.
Bump. Looking for strong mages, ele shams, and frost DK's.
Bump. Need a few more high dps.
Serving Watermelon and Fried Chicken in this run.

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