10/14H <Federal Reserve> GDKP Sat. Weekly 25M

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Will be xferring back in a few days, any minimum of gold to bring to be a buyer?
Depends how bad you are.

If you are an external we have set prices.
Prep for Heroic Jin next week.
Heroic Jin, lookin for experienced DPS.
Let's start pushin progression in this run.
I heard you saying you need some new tanks in mumble, just hit 90 with my paladin and should be ready to start tanking stuff by next week with it. lemme know
You're going to need to:
a) Gear up asap to 520 iLvl+
b) Do higher DPS on DK, so that we can move you to Friday.
We are looking to fill a few spots with experience this week.
Must have Heroic Horridon, Heroic Ji Khun experience (killed pref.)
525 iLvl+, and range preference.
Strongest need: Ele shamans, Locks, or high dps.

We are looking for this team to catch up to Friday ASAP.

If Horridon goes smoothly, we may attempt more heroics on the way to Heroic Ji-Khun.

Our Friday run generally 1 shots all these, and a lot of the users are from Friday..on alts:)
We are looking to bolster our raid with a few more consistent raiders for 5.4.
Currently our openings are for two tanks, 3 more healers, more high DPS.

While we have these spots pseudo filled, we are looking for players who can be more consistent longer term.

Throw up a sign up in our spreadsheet and ensure you read the rules.
The link is on the first page.

You will be required to be a competitive item lvl for the first week of raiding in this tier.
Highest iLvls will get preference.
Bump for new content.
Need a few more high dps.
Yo, I'm looking to be available come the 27th on Daekon. I used to run with you back in ICC days when I would be on my warrior or rogue.
I can both buy, and provide high dps, and I have a person or two to vouch for me.
Slotted you. We need about 4 more high dps. This is the best way to get into a raiding roster for those who have a professional roster and can't commit to a hardcore raiding schedule. Obviously if your performance is there, you will get shifted to the Friday group.

Target this week is 8/14.
still need dps?
Went 7/14 this week
Yes, DPS is still needed.
bump. currently 10/14; most of group is 13/14+ though.

sign up and get loot and gold!
More sign ups go!
Looking for 1-2 ele shamans with good ilvl.

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