Upgrade CPU or buy new Mobo + I5

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My Specs:

GPU :Radeon HD 6850
CPU :Intel Core 2 Duo e7500@ 2.9 ( i usualy oc it to ~3.3)
4gb Ram

Here is the list of all CPUs my mobo can handle (its in portuguese, but the CPU names have no translation):


The game usually plays very smoothly , but in 25 raids ( sometimes even in 10 ) i get some very annoying FPS drops, it drops to 15-20 if the area os too crowded. Im pretty sure its because of this outdated CPU =(.

So, should I get a huge performance boost only by upgrading my CPU to one of those, if yes, which one?
Or should i just buy a new mobo and a I5 or some other powerful CPU?

Oh, by the way i play with nearly all settings on ultra, except shadows and liquid detail, 1650x1080, 60 fps on nearly any area if its not crowded.

Thanks =).
Coming from your e7500 @ 3.3, about the best you'll do for an upgrade is an e8600 @ 3.3 stock - it would just be double the L2 cache. They go for ~$90 on Ebay, which isn't worth it. The quads are all clocked lower and wouldn't offer too much more performance in wow. My opinion is that it's not worth upgrading the cpu. Better to put the cash toward new guts, which is too bad because you're looking at ~$300 for an i5, board and ram there.
As Selva mentioned, i5 would definitely help you with raids:

i5-3330 + B75 + 8GB RAM should be about $280 USD.
Hmm, ok thanks for the help!

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