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Can anyone tell me a quick way to earn money for artisan riding currently i have 3000 and need 1000 more because im exalted with stormwind, but yeah anything would be helpful
Well if you a really in a bind drop those 2 profs you have grab to gathering profs (mining,skinning or herbalism) and go pick herbs then sell everything you get on the AH.

That will net you way more than 1000g.

You could also play the AH,buy low sell high ect. it might be hard to learn at first though and the third option is just to keep questing you should get tonnes of money that way.

After a quick scan of your gear I gotta ask what's with the intellect and strength gear? As a feral druid you only want agi gear with hit,haste,crit,mastery (possibly expertise but im not sure for feral's) secondaries, str intel and spirit do absolutely zip for you.
A good way, though not necessarily the quickest, would be to start leveling your professions. Solo old dungeons, DE gear, use all cloth to level tailoring, then DE what you make with tailoring. Keep with that, and work towards maxing out both of them. Tailoring can make great gold crafting bags, and then you can make bank by either selling scrolls with enchants, or just raw enchanting materials from DEing everything.

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