[A] <The Empire> Late Night HM Guild

<The Empire> has proudly called Sargeras our home since March 2009. As we look forward to the release of MoP, we have decided to raid 10-man content and we are looking for solid raiders to join us!

Mission: Our mission is to provide dedicated and experienced players with a mature, friendly environment, and a calm progression atmosphere.

Current Recruitment Needs: We are currently are looking for
Death Knight: HIGH (ALL SPECS!)
Druid: MEDIUM (Balance, Feral Tank/DPS)
Warlock: LOW
Warrior: HIGH (Prot, DPS)
Hunter: LOW
Paladin: MEDIUM (Ret, Holy)
Priest: MEDIUM (Healer)
Mage: HIGH
Rogue: LOW

If you feel as if you're an exceptional player, don't hesitate to app even if your class recruitment is low!

Cataclysm Progression: 8/8 HM Dragon Soul

Experienced Players Only: While we understand that not everyone has played since Vanilla, this is not a guild for players still learning the basic mechanics of raiding etiquette and optimal rotations. We expect our raiders to be knowledgeable about their class; have maxed professions; prepared for raid with reagents and flasks; armed with repaired gear that is gemmed and enchanted; knowledgeable about raid strategies and their role within that strategy; and ready to give 100% at all times. Upon MoP release, players will also be required to meet various gear check requirements.

Initiates are promoted to Raider rank upon completing a two to three week (attending 8 raids) initiate period, during which time loot distribution is limited.

Raid Schedule: Our raiding schedule is Sunday-Wednesday with raid starting at 10:30 p.m. and ending at 2:30 a.m. Eastern Time. All raiders are expected to be online 15 minutes prior to raid start time.

Age Requirement: You must be 18 or older to apply to Determined.

Max Professions: We understand at this point in the expansion that not all players will have maxed, non-gathering professions, but we will require you to have TWO maxed non-gathering professions prior to our first scheduled raid.

Loot Distribution: The guild will be using EPGP. We are new to EPGP, but we find it to be the least biased of the loot options.

Self-Sufficient Attitude: While the guild rewards raiders with certain raid-specific costs, we expect our raiders to have the ability to pay for their own repairs, gems, glyphs, etc. We expect our raiders to come to raid EARLY, and stay for the remainder of the raid. If you're committing our time, you're committing your time as well.

Ventrilo: All members will be required to use Ventrilo for voice communication AND have a working microphone.

Not Just a Raiding Guild: We are not a guild who only logs on to raid. Many of our members level alts, play pvp, work on achievements, etc. We are primarily looking for members who are active, not only to raid, but are active within the guild community. While you are by no means obligated to participate in any non-raiding events, we do expect our members to be active on the forums and engage in conversation with members outside of raid.

Sense of Humor: We are looking for people, not bodies. While we are focused on progression-based raiding, we also want to have fun while we do it. This means we are looking for members who have a sense of humor -- and can handle being the target of jokes and jabs.

How To Apply: For those interested in joining as a raider, please contact myself, or one of my officers at any time. The best way to reach us:
Chaos (Officer) : Skype - zhaasz Battle Tag: Chaos#1933
Crystalize (Officer) : Skype - swak16 Battle Tag: Swak#1247

Feel free to mail us in-game as well!

Thank you for reviewing and good luck with your guild search!
still looking
still looking
Need 1 holy pally!
still need 1 raid healer and an ot!

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