Pretty much im screwed. Can't play WoW MoP.

Area 52
So i bought this MoP bull!@#$. To be honest i wasted money. Tried every detailed description I could find on how to fix it. But still looks like im not playing it. hmmm any leads? Would be much appreciated.
Some more information would be useful to help fix this problem. Have you tried calling Blizzard's Customer service? Giving a brief description of what the problem is would get better results on the forums.
What's the actually problem?
Not to be critical, but coming on the server forum and creating a post like this isn't going to get you any help at all...and Blizz is just going to ignore you.
Thread of the year, requested for sticky!

Seriously though, you're giving no information as to what the issue is.

You should also try posting to the proper forum that handles this kind of issues

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