Mistweaver: little healing spells at low lvl

at lvl 10 or 11 we get a spell called soothing mists which is our first healing spell. We get or next healing spell at level 30... Why do \es it have to be 20 levels after? can't we get anything healing spell at like 20?
You're misunderstanding the class, then. First and foremost, Soothing Mists will heal you through anything you need to be healed through when you're 10-32, and I'm sure it on its own would last you longer, too. It is a passive way of healing, yes, but it's powerful during those levels and nothing more is necessary.

Second, though, due to our skill Eminence we're able to return 50% of any non-autoattack damage back to the nearest lowest health target as Health for them. This is where Mistweavers -- typically called Fistweavers now -- have more excitability in their healing.

How I play in Dungeons at 2x is I normally attack (Jab three times, Tiger Palm three times, Jab four times, Blackout Kick twice, Jab once, refresh Tiger Palm, jab four times, Blackout Kick twice, etc.) any mob there is and it usually provides the Healing that needs to be done. If that doesn't do it entire, I'll stop to channel Soothing Mists, and then go back to attacking. Some scenarios, like during boss monsters, will require your full attention as a Mistweaver and not a Fistweaver (at these lower levels, I mean -- as we get higher, Fistweaving becomes more viable and powerful), but that should be easy enough for you to judge.

Hope this helped clarify.
I found this very interesting, as I myself didn't know this either. D:

So then is it better to use damage boosting gear? Or Int/Spirit?
They should rly put eminence in the ability list... I just read the full description of the stance after reading this. rofl.

So should Mistweaver literally just bolster damage+ gear and wail on mobs to heal ppl?
Read your 'skills'

Stance of the Wise Serpent Mistweaver Stance
Increases healing done by 20%, replaces your Energy resource with Mana, grants hit and expertise equal to 50% Spirit gained from items or effects. Your attack power is equal to 200% of your spell power, and you no longer benefit from other sources of attack power.

In addition, you also gain Eminence, causing you to heal the lowest health nearby target within 20 yards for an amount equal to 50% of non-autoattack damage you deal.

At low levels the soothing mist might not be enough (with tanks pulling way too much for their gear and using their 'abilities' right) this is when you run into problems.
Having finished a dozen or so dungeons thus far, I can safely say that Eminence is great for the earlier levels, but unless your tank is extremely geared, I found that I didn't have time to really fistweave at all right around Gnomergan / Scarlet Halls, the latter especially. A second heal, while not completely necessary, would be a welcome addition, especially since we unlock a half-dozen more heals between 30 and 45, which is a bit much IMO.
I'm still Fistweaving to great effect in Blackrock dungeons, and it's certainly to be better after Jade Serpent Statue.

Only when my group really screws up do I need to switch to Mistweaving at all, primarily due to how powerful Surging Mist is.

I found this true at low levels as well, with Soothing Mist. It's a pretty powerful heal compared to the health pools and damage it's healing against.
Early on soothing mist can provide huge heal to your target and if your teammate take little damage you even have time to help them take down your enemy but if they take enough damage then you certainly need to channel soothing mist

But later on percentage heal (compare to maximum health) become less effective and then you will need more than just soothing mist in order to keep you or your friendly target alive meaning that you have to use other abilities

Once you reach that state then you can use more abilities even though other class have more to use (heal) early on
In the first 5mans you can run, you need SoM to keep tanks up who aren't terribly good yet. Alternately, you all you need is SoM for when you get an *excellent* tank who can pull 3 rooms worth of mobs to the boss and keep them off the dps (I love those runs!).

In all other sub-lvl-30 5man situations, Eminence healing generally takes care of most situations. As Whirball points out, Int - not Agi or Str - is what increases our Eminence damage/healing, as well as our casted heals.

In early Beta, there were more MW abilities given pre-lvl 30. My own suspicion is that Blizz took them out because too many MWs were neglecting "learning the melee-weaving ropes" in the early instances, which is the only place you have the luxury of doing so (for many of us - yeah, there are some players who just *get it* but there are many of us who are not able to juggle it all in later levels unless we were able to focus on building those melee skills early on).

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