Temple of the White Tiger dailies

Has anyone been able to open up and do these yet? Ive search all over the zone for any quest i may have missed and have found nothing.

Am i just missing a quest chain from somewhere or is this another bugged out part of this expansion?
Pretty sure they start at 90, other than tht idk. i know alot of them have a small quest chain til u get to start the daily.
Been level 90 since early wensday morning, just not sure what im missing to start them
Are they part of the group of quests that only open up when you are revered with Golden Lotus?
That im not sure on, if they are than i have a ways to go i guess
The way the August Celestials dailies work is you talk to the quartermaster at your faction's base in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and he sends you to whichever of the four daily hubs is active that day.
Have to get your rep up with other factions before august celestial dailies open up.

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