WOW seriously? ilvl 409 on level 80s

Yeah but it doesn't look as cool

smourne clearly wins
Why not just get the gear?
Hey you can get the items also just because you choose not to blizz should not cater to people like you. That's like saying two countries going to war and one country says " Oh its just not fair they had tanks that were stronger than ours its not fair. So the title says "world of warcraft key word WAR. When u pvp u gotta bring it .....ALL OF IT
Don't nerrrrfffff me :(

I like my new gear.

150k dps is totally balanced at this lvl.
09/27/2012 12:36 PMPosted by Ningos
Battlegrounds have been horr-tastic for many years, you don't need skill to excel just outgear everyone and even the worst of the worst and LOL their way through them.

not always true, I have seen countless Rogues with leggies at 85, be just god aweful.
Bad pvpers need something to help with their self-esteem.

Paying large money to gear out and dominate leveling brackets is for them.
Bad pvpers need something to help with their self-esteem.

Paying large money to gear out and dominate leveling brackets is for them.

So getting crafted gear at 90 falls under the same thing?

I didn't realize crafted gear dominated the 90 bracket.

Pretty sure the honor gear will crush it when it's released in a week, bud.
Blizzard has a long track history of mistuning their leveling gear. I won't mention here the choice of possible negative traits that could have caused this, but *something* did. If things get broken enough (ie: tons of level 80's running around with this gear and refusing to level), then they'll probably break the gear and make it realistic again.
wow nice troll thread :)
The WAITING for this thread I did!

Game is balanced for max level pve/pvp.

Irrelevant. The new expansion shouldn't have given anything more than perhaps the rare profession perk to characters from 80-84. The greens are another mistake Blizzard's made, but they've done it before - no surprise there.

Blues? Superior to reg raiding gear from the final tier of an expansion and ON PAR with heroic?

AT 80?

It's illogical. There's not one single explanation for the gear being available to level 80's, and still as little reason for 83/84 greens and blues.

80s were already awful through all of cata, no need to pound the alarm suddenly


With a poorly stated argument like that as your foundation, I'm not sure what you're expecting out of making this thread. So you're saying an 80 mage with four pieces of 409 gear can beat an 85 mage in Tier 13 + Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest?

When you make statements like that, I question your judgement.

Well, he's got the reasoning off, but he's got the statement correct.

The only things preventing it from being an easy feat is the higher health pool on an 85 and the higher hit requirement to land attacks on him. Other than that, the secondary stat scaling at 80 is now so absolutely insane that Frost Bomb might still hit him for half of his health pool if it's in a shatter.

Bottom line - there was no reason for any of the 80-84 blues to be added. They should be removed from the game, period - but that won't happen, looking at Blizzard's track history.


You, I like you. Fight on brother.

On a more serious note there really is no reason for this. Not sure if it got overlooked or if blizz decided they didnt care or if they used some backward *ss logic to try and justify why this would be a good idea but the bottom line is its not.

I honestly thought blizz was starting to try and make low lvl pvp a lil bit fun again with the nerf to pennance but after this flat out disregard to low end game balance its clear they really just dont give a d*mn any more :/
09/28/2012 09:47 AMPosted by Fats
Why not just get the gear?

random world drops and not common... like an epic, no, but if you wanted multiple pieces it would take tons of time to grind out.

these won't be cheap on the AH either.
My view, especially on the weapon part, is that Blizz wanted to speed up leveling through WotLK content and Cata content.

Since heirlooms only go up to level 80 on the weapon ones, this is a good alternative for levelers to not have to replace their weapons every level.
09/27/2012 12:42 PMPosted by Earthroots
People who put more time into the game and go out of their way to get the best gear will dominate those who do not. How horrible.
09/27/2012 09:54 AMPosted by Viágro
someone with full ilvl 409 gears can dominate the 80-84 BGs. he can probably beat a 85 with raid gears

So then don't play the 80-84 bracket.

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