WOW seriously? ilvl 409 on level 80s

09/27/2012 12:42 PMPosted by Earthroots
People who put more time into the game and go out of their way to get the best gear will dominate those who do not. How horrible.

it shouldn't be mandatory to farm boe blues 2 expansions above your bracket to participate in the bracket
or be like this dude that already over gear lthis dude with over 12k spell pwere rofl
The WAITING for this thread I did!

Game is balanced for max level pve/pvp.

Irrelevant. The new expansion shouldn't have given anything more than perhaps the rare profession perk to characters from 80-84. The greens are another mistake Blizzard's made, but they've done it before - no surprise there.

Blues? Superior to reg raiding gear from the final tier of an expansion and ON PAR with heroic?

AT 80?

It's illogical. There's not one single explanation for the gear being available to level 80's, and still as little reason for 83/84 greens and blues.

80s were already awful through all of cata, no need to pound the alarm suddenly


With a poorly stated argument like that as your foundation, I'm not sure what you're expecting out of making this thread. So you're saying an 80 mage with four pieces of 409 gear can beat an 85 mage in Tier 13 + Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest?

When you make statements like that, I question your judgement.

Well, he's got the reasoning off, but he's got the statement correct.

The only things preventing it from being an easy feat is the higher health pool on an 85 and the higher hit requirement to land attacks on him. Other than that, the secondary stat scaling at 80 is now so absolutely insane that Frost Bomb might still hit him for half of his health pool if it's in a shatter.

Bottom line - there was no reason for any of the 80-84 blues to be added. They should be removed from the game, period - but that won't happen, looking at Blizzard's track history.


His statement is not correct, he's trying to prove that it's probably true that an 80 can beat an 85, with one weakly stated premise; there is virtually no support to his conclusion.

Given the wide range of gear available to 85's in comparison to 80s. In a duel between an 80 player and 85 player of equal skill and both geared in the best possible gear, the 85 will come out on top. Furthermore, you're contradicting yourself by stating that the higher health pools and hit ratios would in fact give 85s an upper hand.

While I agree that the addition of this gear is insane, arguing that an 80 will beat an equally geared 85 is a waste of time due to the large amount of evidence proving otherwise.
i level 450 weapons LO!L
My view, especially on the weapon part, is that Blizz wanted to speed up leveling through WotLK content and Cata content.

Since heirlooms only go up to level 80 on the weapon ones, this is a good alternative for levelers to not have to replace their weapons every level.

Oh snap what's up Balroy!
This is nothing new, it happens every expansion. Just pity them that they have to twink THAT bad in a low level bracket and move on.
What baffles me is an 87 epic has a lower item level then an 80 BoE blue, or some 84 blues are about 20-30 item levels higher then some of those epics. Getting a bunch of heroic DS item level equivalent items before you're even eligible to raid those instances is baffling. I've really given up on Bliztards logic, there is defiantly a huge disconnect somewhere.

With that said I swore in WoTLK or Cata there were a few items that had big stats or something and a few weeks later Blizzard nerfed them to the ground, I'm assuming the same will take place here, probably low priority.
What everyone had failed to mention is the reasoning behind this gear. If you're too dumb to think for longer than 2 seconds about you'll see that it makes sense...

What bracket is this? 80-84 correct geniuses, 84 yep eighty four...

In case some of you still aren't catching on... 84


Ohhhh some of you are starting to understand that's a lot of 84s will have the quest gear from MoP and other blues with 81+ level requirements.

So this overpowered gear with an 80 requirement is just blizzards way of giving the 80s at least a slight chance to be able to compete against the 84s in the 80-84 bracket.

Food for thought...
Did they lower max level or something? Oh no? lol ok one of those threads again then...
A couple of pieces of 409 gear is obviously to give 80's a fighting chance against 84s in FULL 442 gear with 4 times as much stamina. No doubt I have beaten many an 85, but unless they screw up their stamina advantage should always allow an 85 to win.
i think if your 82-83 you have the highest to do damage not only the stam you get but your stat weight is over the top vs a 84
Ya please cry some more about a few items that are 409... You can get them too...
twinking happens

generally takes some effort to do it right

take a look at this guy

Imagine being hit with his Chaos Bolt

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