Level to start tanking

I rolled this as my new main to be a tank and ive never had more fun in a video game before.
However the lack of a high armor number and no ability to remove stagger until 75 worries me somewhat. Even though I know it shouldnt a problem with our abilities.
But is there a level where its best to start tanking?
I would love to start once i hit outland.
I started tanking right away. It is really simple to do, but just about everyone i've come across in instances is a brewmaster monk, so everyone's fighting for aggro.
Been tanking in random dungeons since I dinged 15. Only died once (I'm 22 now), and that was just because the healer dropped mid boss fight.
Damage isn't exactly a big issue until 80, I imagine, because healers tend to be VERY strong at lower levels.

That doesn't give you a free pass to be nonsensical though. And you get guard at 26 and with heirlooms, you'll almost always have it up 100% of the time.

Not 100%, but close enough.
Monks can tank easily at 15.
I suspect raiding would be more difficult tanking with a young monk than other classes. However dungeons shouldn't be an issue. For the most part, you will probably lead in dps as tank in your 5mans until DK's are introduced to the randoms.

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