Forest Hozen Rep bug..200 rep shy

Bug Report
So I did every quest possible in Jade Forest and Im left with 20800/21000 revered rep with Forest Hozen while others with guild rep bonus have made it to exalted. Why do you punish those with low lvl guilds? this doesnt seem right, and I know of no other way to get the rep.
Me and my friends also have this issue. We are all 20800/21000 and can't get exalted.

Anywhere to farm the last bit of rep? or is it just bugged?
Same -- this is current as of 10/3 -- stuck at 20800/21000-- anyone heard of a fix/found a lost quest/gotten a Blue's reply?
Same boat. 20800/21000 here... so annoying :/
iim having the exact same problem, either there is a bug, or there is a hidden quest that istn showing up for half of the dang players out there i would appreciate a hotfix or at least a quest guide to help find my missing quest
I'm having the same problem.
Same Problem too

hope if gets fixed :/
I too have this problem. I talked to a GM and he said that "I've looked into your issue, and everything is working fine. We cannot give out hints, please look at wowhead or some other fan site"
I'm also stuck at 20800/21000. Seems that if you're unguilded or your guild is under level 25 the quests are not enough to get you to exalted. If you're in a level 25+ guild then no problem, you're exalted.
Hello having the same problem,currently stuck at 20450/21000,Forest Hozen.
Also still stuck at 20800/21000....

There are so many EXTREMELY easy fixes for this issue, why hasn't Blizz implemented one (make a daily, make a mob kill give rep, etc etc.)? or even acknowledged this issue...

Seems like garbage customer support that you haven't even responded to this silly design flaw.
It's not really that big of an issue. Put on the Hozen Tabard, head to Northrend, zone into Utguard Pinnacle regular, or Heroic UP for a chance at the drake, then go to town and wreck the place for rep. Bet you'll hit exalted after the first boss.

I ran reg UP a few times with the tabard on to get this alt to exalted with the Tushuii Pandaren.
Still no word.

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