PvP Questions

I know there isn't a player build anymore, it's more preference but I still had some questions.

-Is Frost the dominant spec for PvP still or is it now Fire...or it doesn't matter?

- Which "bomb" do you prefer for PvP, Nether, Frost or Living bomb. For PvE fire mage I picked Living bomb

Would this be a good PvP spec.
1) Scorch
2) IB
3) ---Cant decide, all seem very good. Im guessing Frostjaw?
4) Cauterize?
5) Frost bomb?...I mean, the slow effect plus good damage seems good
6) Incanter's ward?
You can preform very well in both Frost and Fire. Pick whichever one you like better.

My Frost build would look something like this:

1) Presence of Mind
2) Ice Barrier
3) Ring of Frost
4) Cauterize or Cold Snap (whichever you like better)
5) Frost Bomb
6) Incanter's Ward

I found between Frostbolts, FoF, and Brain Freeze, I didn't want or need Scorch. Frost bomb is amazing with the slow and with the huge shatters it can get.

For Fire my build would be:

1) Scorch
2) Ice Barrier
3) Frostjaw
4) Cauterize
5) Nether Tempest
6) Incanter's Ward

I went with Nether Tempest because it does consistent damage and it is good against stealth targets.

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