Bugged Quest: 'Cryin My Eyes Out'

Bug Report
1. Leveled to 86.5 as alliance.
2. Faction Changed
3. Horde Questline started from beggining, but when I got to the quest "Cryin My Eyes Out" the Hozen Groundpounders that I'm suppose to kill are friendly targets and un-attackable.
4. I understand somewhere in the storyline that the horde have befriended the Hozen. I think because that happened at some point when I was leveling on Alliance side that it remained so when I transfered and is thus overwriting my questline.
5. It's 100% required that I kill the groundpounders for my questline to continue and thus leveling to continue.

Thank you,

The Mango
Did you open a ticket in game? I realize GM's are SWAMPED, but this might be something they can fix even if you're logged off, I should think.
yup sure did. Thank you
Im in the same boat. Realm/faction transferred at 85.5, and they're green and i'm stuck. In game ticket will take 3 days for response. I'm so pleased.
Another poster gave me the fix - go to your rep tab and set youself "at war" with the hozen - done.
And, just to add, at a point later in the line, you'll have to uncheck the at war button to accept a new quest...
THANK YOU!!! Fixed my problem (same problem as above).
Glad someone else had this problem! Thanks for this thread
same problem. i submitted a bug
i see someone already said to put faction at war. yeah, i did 4 quests for the alliance and faction transferred and was instantly exalted with the hozen, so its either a faction change bug that instantly exalts you, or some sneaky thing blizz did for no apparent reason, but im gunna say its a very minor bug

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