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I am not a expert on computer specs and was wondering if the following Acer computer will be able to run MoP on at least Good Settings. Any help will be appreciated, Thank you :)

Here is the link to the Acer
The most restrictive bit on that computer is the graphics card, it should run OK on the medium settings. But everything else could handle the game wonderfully on full ultra settings, if you can upgrade to a better graphics card.
Can you actually see the laptop, or are you buying it online? I just assisted one of my coworkers with his son's Aspire laptop, and the issue was essentially that it had the poorest cooling I have EVER seen in any laptop.

1 small blower style fan abutted against the finned portion of a vapor tube that would have required mother board removal to access the blockages if we hadn't been able to carefully pry the side cover up from the fan after removing the screws. (Because of the restricted air flow design and the use of the blower type fan, we couldn't blow the obstructing "dust bunnies" out from either direction through the fan, and with only about a 1 inch square airflow path across the fins every piece NEEDED to come out). It had only a few intake vents on the bottom of the computer with so little clearance that even when sitting on a completely flat surface there was minimal airflow - and with the rubber feet on the back of the laptop having come off with use, the 1/4 inch height difference meant that it was literally sitting ON about 60% the heat vents, rather than with the 1/8th or so inch of clearance designed in.

And on a lap? I weep. Oh, and add in an obvious post-manufacturing mod that covered about a 1/4 of what had originally been designed in (obviously what was happening was that when the system was used on a lap, static buildup would be zapping the memory that was less than 1/8th inch from the persons lap through the openings in the lower case plate, forcing a mod to protect them) - and it's no wonder the thing was shutting down after 3 minutes of "anything intense".

In short, look it over very carefully for airflow issues before buying. The laptop I looked at was about 9 months old, and although I don't remember the model, it looked very similar to what I can see in the link and very nearly the same specs as the model you linked.

If your model is the same or similar to the one that Sylth described, then no amount of high end internals is going to help you with that box.

The components listed in that machine's specs are extremely zippy (except for the graphics card) but only if they have the proper cooling, air flow, and shielding from static. Such components like those listed overheat easier than the "office work/surf the web" grade components, and when these overheat they shut down. If the system isn't properly able to keep itself cool with good fan placement and ventilation, then your machine will be basically unusable for anything remotely intensive (like say an mmorpg that likes to have a 30fps or higher refresh rate to run smoothly).

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