Symbiosis sticking to more than 1 target?

So, it might just be a bug, but last night me and 3 friends grouped up to kill a rare and I had just hit 87, so I messed around with symbiosis while they were in the area.

We had me, a priest, a rogue, and a hunter. I used symbiosis on them in that order, and stuck with hunter (because I love play dead) yet everyone else still had the buff, as well as the spell I granted them. I still only had play dead, which is fine, it'd be silly if we could get 10 new spells just by casting it on everyone.

So, is anyone else able to do this? Is this intentional? I guess it gives a raid/party more utility (depending on which classes you have) if you can grant them all a spell and take one yourself, but it does kinda kill the "you have to chose who you share spells with" part of it (which is meh anyways).
Prob a bug

It should only work the the last person you casted it on. Targeting a new player and casting symbiosis should remove the buff on the previous player.
I assumed it would, but apparently that's now how it's (currently) working.

The rogue still had growl while I was linked with the hunter, by the time I had noticed he only had a few minutes left, so the priests buff had already worn off probably 3+ minutes ago.

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