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For roughly the past month, I've had an issue where, a short time after opening WoW (usually less than a minute) my computer shuts down and reboots. This has persisted after updating my video drivers (I have a geforece gtx 690).

After some googling, I found people having the same issue due to overheating, but I highly doubt that is the case in my scenario, since I can play Borderlands 2 with the settings maxed for hours on end without issue.

The only thing I can think of, is that it might be related to the power supply, I had an issue this summer where sudden jumps in power consumption due to rendering (ie logging, or alt-tabbing in to WoW) would cause my screen to go black. I doubt that this is related, because that issue was fixed by plugging my computer in to a UPS, and my current issue can happen before I've logged in, but I could see how it might be due to a faulty power supply.

Any help or suggestions people could offer would be appreciated. Thanks
Explain "plugging my computer in to a USB". Do you mean UPS (uninterruptable power supply)?
Yes UPS, don't know why I wrote USB, suppose I was just being dumb.
This tells me that the power outlet you use is probably providing dirty power that your power supply can't get enough of to power GTX 690.

What is your power supply? (Company / rated wattage / 80 Plus certification level)?
The power supply is a 1200w TechNPS one. It appears to be 80 Plus certified, but just minimally, not bronze or higher.
It's a Chieftec rebranding; it is 80 Plus certified indeed.

I would say that your power outlet has too much dirty power and not providing enough juice for your power supply. Have an electrician take a look, or just use UPS.
It is still plugged in to a UPS (an APC BE750G if it's relevant). Unfortunately, I am in a college dorm, so I don't have the ability to get an electrician to take a look at it. Is there anything I could do to test how stable the power was coming out of each outlet besides trying the computer in every one?
You will need a specialized tool to be able to read that.

So... Yeah, you have to try out each outlet, or keep using UPS.
You can buy a voltage meter at your local Radio Shack, Home Depot, Lowes or if you have one, probably a local hardware store. Make sure you read the manual and test each power line and make sure it's putting out what it's supposed to be.

If it's not your power supply maybe it's your RAM but I'm not really sure why you wouldn't encounter any problems when playing BL2 or general usage after long periods of time.

To be safe I would shut the computer off and let it cool for a half hour then use ClamAV or another anti-malware program to scan the entire machine and repair and re-install WoW. Before you fully delete the game, delete the cache, interface, and WTF folders from inside your WoW folder and maybe try running on low settings before you log in and see if you still have the problem.

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