DPS ques for MoP thus far..

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The Time on ques is obviously going to be longer than Healers and Tanks alike. I remember when Cata first dropped, the times were close to an hour and 40 minutes at the lowest. Throughout the expansion, they made it easier for us to find ques and eventually got it down to about 10 minutes with 4.3 and the Hour of Twilight content. So my concern is.. what happened? Why all of a sudden are the ques back up to half hour waits? Wasn't this addressed and fixed in Cata? I understand i play a class with a healing spec, but id rather have a pvp spec (enh) so I can survive while questing a little easier. Please do something about this issue because not only do i have to wait, i have to have a perfect and bug free run, or i get to stand in line for another half hour.
Scenarios are the pressure valve, queue is too long, hop in a scenario
Lots of people don't level as tanking/healing specs, so you have less supply of them while leveling, especially as they'll feel like they don't have the gear to tank/heal effectively.

On top of that, you have a lot more people queueing now than before, on account of more players returning to the game as well as more people wanting things from dungeons. Naturally, more people wanting to go means more dps wanting to go (even moreso than tanks and healers), so the gap keeps getting wider and wider.

Finally, more people in instances means that it'll be more likely queue times will be inflated for everyone just to prevent instance bugginess. See how long you had to wait at times for the Theramore scenario before, even if you had full parties, just to prevent the game from bugging out for everyone.
And get a reward 1 out of 20 runs from the scenario.

Theyre a waste of time IMO, except for doing the arena one once for that reward
Yea i figure it will get better as the population evens out and people gear. I understand people's fears of failing at a certain role, but if they would try, they would find it a lot easier than expected. In my Cata set, which was only LFR, i had to get all the way to Vally of the Four Winds before i found gear good enough to replace it.
The big problem is a lot of the people at 90 are running with guild groups. Out of the, who knows number of heroics my guild has run in the past few days we've probably only pugged 10 at most dps spots. Tanks and healers are, when able, going with players from their guild inflating queue times for solo queuers.
My game isnt letting me que for scenarios. i just figured you would have to be lvl 90
So it isn't because lack of tanks? I was thinking problem caused by "how annoying to be a tank": know fights, always active, people whining "tank is bad" (or tank whining "healer is bad").
If problem caused by low amount of servers - why Blizzard can't buy several more? They sold recently a lot for collections.
I get instant queue as a tank.

Once in a rare while its a holdup for healers.
10 minutes has been the longest que I've had as a DPS, tank has been instant.

09/28/2012 10:10 AMPosted by Windrider
Please do something about this issue

For hybrids, the best way to fix a long que is to play a heal or tank spec, as it's win for everyone.

I've tanked about 90% of the runs I've done, simply as "community service" and fast ques.
What issue? Longest queue I have is around 15 mins. It's nowhere near as bad as it had gotten in previous expansions. Go do dailies or something else while waiting.
Because only a tiny minority of the population is already at 90 and doing Heroics? Also the majority of those are probably guilded so wont be queuing. So not many people at 90 plus most of those that are 90 not using LFD cause of guild groups = long !@# wait times.
I'm at 90 and it doesnt let me queue for random pandaria dungeons and wont let me queue for random heroics because my ilvel is too low. So now I'm have to pick a specific dungeon and wait an even greater amount of time than normal just to get into a reg dungeon. Needs to be fixed.
op your assumption is wrong.

they didn't make it easier as much as people started doing alts and offspecs.

right now they're gearing mains. when its back to alts and offspecs, queues will go down to 5 minutes again.
Rofl its because the longer xpac goes people get less scared to play tank/healer... Seriously its pretty funny at the start most tanks/healers revert to their safe dps spec since they have little responsibility.
i'm getting 8minute dps queues :/
Heroic dps queues are only about 15 or 20 minute waits
Too bad you can't be some douchemongrel priest and just queue as a healer, and then roll need on both Spirit AND non-spirit cloth. You could avoid queue times entirely.
09/30/2012 11:42 AMPosted by Donnicton
Too bad you can't be some douchemongrel priest and just queue as a healer, and then roll need on both Spirit AND non-spirit cloth. You could avoid queue times entirely.

If he hadn't queued, you would have waited longer.

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