The inevitable degredation of RDF

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios
Seeing all of these "Lol heroics2ez" posts on the forums during the downtime has made me think really short and hard.

1) Wednesday and Thursday both, my experiences in RDF have included dps doing between 22-90k on bosses, with dps peaks around prime time Wednesday.

2) My server is a particular piece of !@#$ in the fact that there's maybe 5 people above ilvl 440, and the only person more geared than me is the world #2 geared monk /shrug

3) With brewfest trinkets readily available, I see many people who don't deserve them (level 89s especially) getting huge boosts to ilvl that wasn't available before today.

So, I'm taking a poll: How long do you guys think it will take before heroics are filled with 15k dps superstars?

I've done two Heroics because the queues are retarded and I can't be bothered + work, and most of the DPS has been around 15-20K, with me at 50-60K.

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