which spec is for pvp?

is subilty more pvp focused?
it's not really a focus so much as the general trend. Shadow dance is probably the best for burst damage. Ambush spam can quickly kill an undergeared or underarmored enemy. Assassination has some good numbers and magic damage can get through armor, but your rotations need to be flawless. Once those DOTS are up though you can shred a person to nothing very quickly, but CC can easily disrupt you rotations. Combat is not something I have tried or wish to try in pvp. In MoP though they may change some things, but ambush is getting a buff so i think things aren't changing.

my bad ambush got a buff in 5.0.4 sorry campus internet hasn't let me play since 5.0.4 so I'm a little behind. I can't speak for another buff.
At level 90? It's too early to tell.

Even so, my money will be on Sub, for two reasons.

(1) Sub now has more finishers to juggle, like Cata/MoP Mut. Even with increased restrictions on HaT, it'll still be providing free combo points at range. Premed has reduced restrictions, it no longer requires stealth. Thats 2 free cp every 20 seconds. Both will be tremendously advantageous for juggling those finishers. Combat by comparison doesn't have to juggle Rupture (easier rotation) but its burst has twice the CD time and isn't as flexible as Dance.

(2) Mut's energy regen is tied to bleeds (ideally Rupture) and poisons. That gives it a melee range and target requirement, an 8-24s Rupture duration, a 8-15s after last proc poison duration, and makes it completely vulnerable to dispels. Combat gets some of its energy baseline, but a lot of it comes from being on target; kiting's going to suck. By comparison, Sub's energy regen is tied to SnD. It's on the Rogue (no target or melee range required), can't be dispelled, and lasts a whopping 12-36 seconds ... it even provides slightly more energy than Venomous Wounds Rupture's average.

As an aside, since Leeching only procs off strikes, and not off bleed/poison ticks (not sure if it procs off non-envenom poison instant strikes), Sub & Combat will have a slight advantage over Mut there too.

I don't think either Mut or Combat will be particularly bad, but it seems like Sub will still hold a few advantages.

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