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Can't seem to log on any of my characters since I've resubscribed last week. Thought maybe it would change once MoP went live but its still the same. Any character on any realm that I try to log in, the loading screen loads up till about 90% and then after a few minutes of waiting, I got booted back to log in screen saying I was disconnected from the server.

I've already tried deleting the usual cache, interface folders but that doesn't do anything. Can anyone help?
I have this problem currently also on some of my characters...the ones in org and in some wrath zones but any of the ones in the BC zones I can get into... I am not sure why...
I have this issue as well, also with characters who are now stuck in BC areas.
So weird I can now login on those toons but its lagged but my ping is fine they can do nothing really but when I log on to the other characters in BC it is ok lol
I have the same exact issue as well. Most of my characters are in ogrimmar and I can't seem to login any of them. I used my alt and fly to Ogrimmar and my char just zoned in to a dead Ogrimmar. No NPC or players and I cant seem to do anything i.e logout but I'm still on the convo channel. I have to force quit to exit WoW. Zzzzz
Same issue for me - Velen server, though, and ally-side. I made a thread about it already, but haven't gotten any responses...
I was playing with a friend from another server, then suddenly the game kicked me out then when I try to log back in, i got stuck at the loading screen at 90%. After waiting for 30 mins, I forced quit WoW and decide to log onto my other characters, my other characters seems to be loading fine, so i searched for my main, and my main is still in the game. After 7 hours, my main is still in the game and still cant log in.

Please help.

Thank you
Hey guys, i suggest you guys to create a GM ticket in game, i got a response like 15 mins later on and they moved my main back to orgrimmar and now i can log back onto my main.

Thanks Blizzard
I have the same issue and it has been like this since Saturday September 22nd. I can log in to my characters that are in SW but if I leave SW I get disconnected and when I attempt to log back in I get stuck at 90%.

Does anyone know if Blizzard set up a fix for this?
I have the same problem too.
I am having a similar issue. I try to log in on my characters and get booted at 90% blue bar after it pauses and waits a few seconds or minutes.
Same for me. My characters in Dalaran won't load either.
I just disabled all my addons and was able to log in completely. Please try this and see if it works for you all too.

If it does, then we all may be using a similar, broken addon.

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