How is your character responding to Pandaria?

Moon Guard
Malere sees Pandaria as Mcsars does. He's just a soldier, and Pandaria is just a warzone.
Xanitos: It's ;ike a whole new playground for his adventuring shenanagins and new critters to play with (Keep in mind he considers Devilsaurs critters)
Though the pandaren pose him questions he really never considered before.

Huntress "Shimaula" Nightrunner is currently foraying into the continent out of sheer curiosity. Though she had to change up her fighting style when the Sha stared creeping up., Using fury and wrath as a frequent power source on a continent tha reacts badly to it kinda sucks.

Sh'mala hasn't gone near it yet, but would probably stuggle a lot worse than Huntress in the "Anger is bad, kay?" due to despair and doubt being thrown on top of it.
After receiving news that her brother had gone missing on uncharted land, Saria immediately joined the Horde expedition to conquer the new land, but more importantly to look for her sibling. After hearing stories of Outland, and experiencing Northrand, she figured this land would be just as dangerous. But shes surprised to see how wrong she was.

Shes quit fascinated by the beauty and tranquility of Pandaria and the hospitality of the Pandaren. And with her love for jewelry she cant help but be dazzled by all the pretty stones. However, shes becoming intrigued by the Sha and is wondering if there is any way to use them to the Hordes advantaged towards the Alliance.
Verdant isn't there IC, but I suspect that won't last long. Pandaria is rich in natural resources, hence, lots of eager people willing to chop down entire forests. Until the Circle mandates that he gets involved, or the League has any business there, he's remaining in Tyr's hand to aid Lordy-ron.

He will likely see eye-to-eye with many of the Alliance pandamen though. And share herbal teas.
Lena adores it. She has recently been enacted as the historian, master archaeologist, and head Professor of <Shadows> and is gleefully studying with Lorewalker Cho the history of the continent and the life of the people there. She thinks it's a beautiful place. The artifacts and gems are of particular interest, as are the methods by which the Pandaren channel their energies.

She does, of course, worry about the influence of the Sha and the potential for catastrophe - or the potential for the Horde to wield that influence - but she's sometimes a bit of a nervous Nelly.
Ferenold sees Pandaria and the Pandaren in general as having some fascinating beliefs, customs, and a noble culture, but he's simultaneously extremely wary of that culture influencing or subverting that of Gilneas'. Or for that matter, the opposite happening.
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I am debating writing a few letters to Queen Madelynne from an IC perspective, to tell her what's been discovered, and how it could benefit the Blood.

Excellent, excellent.

Orazio is all hyped up to lay some revenge on the Horde for Theramore, and in the meanwhile take the diary of his passed mentor as a gospel for establishing trade in the new land. Whereas once he only cared about clearing out the Forsaken and re-establishing himself in Lordaeron, he now has broader goals, and will act a little more flexibly than he has in the past.
Systar: "MORE furry things for me to hate? Great."
Since HoV's event for Pandaria was people getting lost on the Continent and Glen was part of that, he pretty much did not understand what the hell was happening! His armor broke, his communicator broke and no map.

Thankfully, he now likes the people of the land (even if he thinks the hozen are a bunch of crazies) and even when to that monastery in the Jade Forest to chill for a bit after wandering around aimlessly for a few days. Picked up some new fighting tips too from the furry bear-men.

And he gets to live out the dream of being a farmer, huzzah!
Enjoys the hospitality of the pandarens. Thanks to them they were a big help on getting his mind off the past events that have happened. He loves there food, but since hes a lightweight he tires to avoid drinking too much alcohol. And admires there beautifully crafted weapons and has begun studying the ghost iron metal.

After traveling to Halfhill, hes begun to think how much there ways farming would be a big help for the his comrades back home. And hes hoping to talk to a pandaren priest on the views on the Light.
"Oh damn... More animals to hunt. I'm okay with this, War? I forgot about the war. Let's have the Alliance and Horde take 5."

As for pandas, he thinks they're alright. But he doesn't like how they're won't pick a side.
Karob sees Pandaria as Mcsars does. He's just a soldier, and Pandaria is just a warzone.
Mario here has been dealing with it in different ways. For one, he actually does want to help out the Alliance warfront, but the blacksmith in him is looking at all of these new metals and giggling like a school girl (even though he has no idea how to smith with it).

He absolutely despises the yak people. They've been tearing through his equipment faster than a fat kid in a candy store, and as a blacksmith who puts his pride in his work that's one of the most insulting and agonizing things he can think of.

He's also had a few run-ins with the sha. He's still not sure how to deal with them, and they've been nagging at him in the back of his head. Especially after an incident in the Townlong Steppes (you know what quest I'm talking about)
Ely is trying her fist at brewing. So far it can be described as fruity with a distinct rotten aftertaste. Like a mouldy cider.
Augustine's brain exploded. Well, not actually..but the concept of a whole new conteninent, people, monsters, power and culture really excited her. She ran off to the libraries before Stax could and took out all the books he might take out and hid them away to read for herself. :P
A new land, a new battleground to destroy the Horde in, and a place that contains much knowledge and history.

Hayleigh is pretty happy, even if she is an undying construct now.
Regg's arriving shortly behind the main invasion fleet in 5.1, painting Pandaria red until he's like "What the hell are we doing?" and decides to help Pandaria instead of destroying it.

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