Did Mists meet your expectations?

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While I'm at work still, and browsing general forums to pass time before making errands and getting siblings from school, had to ask the people playing now:

Did MoP meet/exceed/fall below your expectations?
What have you liked and didn't like thus far?

(Also, for fun, apparently we can't agree on what the Monk colour text is....: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6712831793?page=1 )
I didn't play much of it, but nothing has given me the incentive to try. I got tired of fighting for mobs in some areas and having herbs taken out from under my nose while I drown in a sea of angry respawns in others. Not to mention a few bugs here and there.

I'll give it a fair shot in a week or two.
It's day one. It wont meet expectations until we've seen all of it we want to see.

And if you saw all of it in a matter of hours, well your priorities must be off or very focused.
It's day one. It wont meet expectations until we've seen all of it we want to see.

And if you saw all of it in a matter of hours, well your priorities must be off or very focused.


Although sharing your first impressions works!

Although sharing your first impressions works!

This is what I was looking for. :) Glad to see some people have been enjoying the expansion so far.
I'm absolutely in love with their new storytelling quests.
I'm having a blast tbh. I got Pilgyi here through the starter zone, which I enjoyed. Lilliat through a couple quest as well. Currently I have a slight obsession with making Lilliat the best there ever was. Clockwork Gnome + Feline Familiar + Winters Little Helper = Gnome Dream Team
Pet Battles surprisingly exceeded my expectations by miles. ... But my expectations were pretty low. I never messed with it on beta, and it just didn't interest me, but last night trade was full of people having problems with disconnects or getting back to the continent after accidentally leaving, so I decided to check out the pet battle system finally, before starting on my monk.

It's surprisingly, hilariously fun/strategic. I already added a fawn and a black lamb to my collection (the lamb is even Uncommon ♥), and my Mr. Grubbs is kicking butt and taking names with his slime attack.

Tonight I'm going to work on the monk, do some more pet battle stuff, and in a few days I'll try actually doing 85+ content. Hopefully by then the kinks will be worked out.
I enjoy it. The war like atmosphere on the landing into Pandaria was nice. The storyline you follow is amusing and interesting and... I never crashed. Not once. It was a smooth release and with that we are able to enjoy the environment around us without raging as much except for the few glitches here and there that have easy fixes just on our own by a simple relog or just moving elsewhere.

As usual I typically have an issue with the respawn rate of everything and get swarmed just after finally killing the last of a mob but to be expected when you want to make sure there is enough mobs for everyone!
I'm having a blast so far! Plus, near instant instance pops as a low level dps make me a very happy panda.!
So far the intro quests? No silly. Rip offs of bad modern military movies.
It would be better if any of my characters could move 5 feet without being swarmed by half a dozen enemies. I imagine it's a high reset rate for the amount of players but it's become taxing. Here's to hoping it calms down.
So far, yeah. Money well spent. MoP looks and plays great so far (for me, atleast).
I've enjoyed what I've seen of it so far, the introduction quests flow nicely and the landscape is colorful and interesting.

I've mostly been playing with the pet battle system, it's keeping me company while I wait for the Mists zones to clear up.
I dunno, I'd been hoping it would be a lot of fun. Not sure if it's because I'm not happy with Blizzard anymore after seeing how they've handled CRZ concerns, or just not really in a great mood irl today. Maybe it's because I feel pressure to get leveled and gear as fast as possible to be ready for PvP, but I haven't been having much fun at all.

The scenery is great. Everything looks spectacular. The quests are boring me to sleep. At least from 85 on. I can't really remember the last time I felt like I had to force myself through something so not fun. No idea how people have pushed to 90 today.

My panda monk was fun because I like pandas at least. Enjoyed the pandaren starting area.
I can't afford the expansion but I'm having fun being able to do my Cata/Wrath dailies in peace, and the pet battles are a pretty nice change of pace in between rep grinding.

So I'm pleased.
I'm punchin' everything.

Feels good.
I've been having the time of my life. I did have to stop because my lack of sleep caught up with me, but before that point I was having a lot of fun with the quests. My only dislike is how I keep on having my brain fall out when I'm looking at gorgeous views and not screenshotting them all as I see them.
I didn't buy it but omg are pet battles awesome and the fem panda look adorable. I still can't get over the fact they can get highlights in their hair.

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