Did Mists meet your expectations?

Wyrmrest Accord
The Dread Wastes can die in a fire. But other than that, it was a really fun time leveling. The scenery is just fantastic, and I've spent a lot of time just flying around looking at things since hitting ninety.
Day 2 went much better, so maybe being in a crappy moon did effect things yesterday. Like I said this morning the dungeons were fun, I then went on to quest out the entirety of The Jade Forest. I enjoyed myself, even though I hate leveling. Mining wasn't as horrible as I feared with no flying, it seems the nodes are everywhere in abundance. Some areas look fantastic for world PvP battles.

I'll begin trucking through the next zone when I get on again.
I'm enjoying WoW more than I ever have since I was a noob.
I especially like the changes to Archaeology in this xpac. And not just because I popped and solved Spear of Xuen.
Some of the quests are very entertaining to sit and watch the NPC talk. Riko I think was hilarious, the Hozen, as well as listening to the conversations between Chen and another. I've yet to see the Alliance side of starting on Pandaria, but I've enjoyed Horde a lot. :D I'd like to see how they came up with the way Hozen talked, takes me back to Oxhorn days (Inventing Swear Words, comes to mind).

Grats to your find, Madican! And glad the game is turning out better for you, Thane. :)
It's funny, I really was not excited for MoP. After playing wow through all the other expansions to me, MoP was just going to be "another expansion". However, it has surprised me and has become so much more then that.

I found BC exciting because it was the first expansion, it was new and thrilling to see the game expand. I found my self having issues sleeping at night because I wanted to expand my characters in RP and explore outland more, the land I've always wanted to explore since I was a pup playing WC3 TFT.

Wrath had the same effect, excitement from WC3, though to be honest I slept much better it did not have that first expansion flare that BC gave off.

Cata, I looked forward to it, so many changes some of which were radical compared to the games past. I loved changed and looked forward to it, but some thing about it.. I have to say it was the expansion I enjoyed the least. Which is sad, because I would say I was more excited for it then Wrath.

MoP comes along, I'm sorta jaded to me when I heard about it, it was just new content and a level grind. But I'm shocked it's become so much more. I've not enjoyed wow this much since BC came out, yes it's only been out two days but I'm having the time of my life again.

It was a -really- round about way to say it, but MoP exceeded my expectations.
So far I'm enjoying everything about it. Some areas the mobs are a bit of an annoyance with constant spawning mobs, but you can get around them.

The pet battle system has me addicted. I'm thoroughly enjoying the strategy involved and leveling my pets, even losing spectacularily to some of the trainers.

The music is good, the scenery is good, and the music is good.

Definitely exceeded my expectations, even if I find the rather cartoony appearing panda as surreal to the rest of WoW's races.



While I didn't raid one bit in Cata I can see why that would be quite depressing. Still, quest text aside I do like the breaks and new mechanics to questing to split up the fed ex, gathering and kill quests.

So far it's just another expansion. The only thing that really stuck out at me is interacting with Pandarens and the new gear skins.

They're very expressive and modeled really well when my tauren's face is almost 10 years old and looks out of place in the new areas, next to the new race and wearing the new gear.

The classic races really need to be brought up to speed here.
So far, very much so! Apart from funneling every lvl 85 into the same zone and quest line leading to massive overcrowding, the questing experience has been quite enjoyable!

Blizzard has gone out of their way to deliver a fun questing experience. Theres more VO, more cutscenes, more story, more humor, and more fun. They delivered the best scripted battle in their history.

So yeah, so far three of six zones down...Mists is hitting on all cylinders.

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
I effin love it... so far!

Quest: Awesome!
Dungeons: Awesome!
Leveling: Effin sucks!

Waiting to see what pvp is going to be like but from what I hear caster's are OP as hell so... thanks blizz. Please fix that.
So far, it's my favorite Xpac. Probably because I weight how much I like and Xpac by aesthetics, and the zones are just gorgeous. Questing is questing. I'm holding off on judging scenarios due to one bad group comp that made one scenario impossible to complete. I'm really liking Halfhill, from Sunset Farm to all the branches of Pandaren cooking. Tal being Tal and enamoured of all things alcoholic is maxing the Way of the Brew first.

Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I'll be able to queue for a heroic and find out just how much more difficult healing really is.
I'll let you know when I get into raiding and give PVP a shot.
Best xpac, to me, since BC. Seriously. Wrath was good! Cata was meh.. And now MoP is like.
I get to be an adorable Pandaren and the lore is just amazing.
Been reading every quest and I'm just really happy. Blizzard did a fantastic job.
I got eaten by a gigantic, Godzilla-sized bug beast with scythe-like arms.
And instead of calling in artillery fire, an army of fire magi, or higher powers of any sort, I started within it's enormous, cavernous stomach, and I.



Day 7. Got to raid 25m Mogu'Shan Vaults. Bosses are hard, and not about numbers anymore. There's strategy involved. So much !@#$ to dodge. I came to realize I need to become better at dodging %^-*.

This is good. Game has my attention still. Expectations still being met. I'll get back with you all when I try PvP.
I love questing.
I love the lore.
I love pandas.
I love the dungeons.
Leveling is annoying.
And the quests are silly in a fun way.
... although, I've only been leveling a Horde character.
And, yerp, you're on a warship, awaken demons of despair and darkness, and then you go to a monastery and collect oranges and sticks.

AND, oh, AND! You have to kill bunny rabbits.

Besides that, I liked going in to a village, seeing everyone all sad, and then putting masks on them to cheer them up.
And then prepare to battle as black and white fireballs spew out of their face and form entities of despair.
Also, Klaxxi are cool.
Shado-pan are boss.
I hate the Yaungol, they all must die.
The Grummles... they're like speech-impaired goblin-gnome-mountain sherpas who have a thing about luckydos and luckydon'ts.
Oh, they also have a thing about yaks. And GOOTS.
Leveling should be the best part about a game. If it is that bad from your point of view why choose to do so in this game?

1) Leveling should be and I said that in MOP it's one of it's good points. Most of the leveling in the game isn't. Allot of the quest is very redunant and well, boring.

2) I choose to do it because I have to. All the bread and butter of the game is when reaching max level. Like pvp battle grounds or arenas. In PvE you have raids.

My only recent complaint is pvp. It's absolutley pathetic. Of course this is base on class and to me, it's stupid. Caster's are way overpowered that melee can't even get close to killing one and if they do, their health is so low the next caster will get them. Otherwise from what I notice caster's can blow people up easy. Mages need a nerf HARD! Period. There is too much damm Cc that as a healer it's hard for me to get off a cast and most of my cast recently has been in dispelling.

Edit: My point of view on pvp.

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