Dat Queue

Holy mother of god, I transfered to Kil'jaeden a couple weeks ago and I played earlier (as you can see by my avatar <33) and OMG THE QUEUE IS HORRID. Earlier today there was no queue at all, right now my position is 1.3k saying to wait 40 minutes. Well guess I can start my homework.
im right there with you dude i am 1293 in line lol
I transferred recently too, never seen this before. :(
I'm 1,003rd in line. I blame Kony. But what uganda do about it?
it was fine earlier ...then bam its so packed a fat girl cant make it in
haha, yeah played thru panda start zone, moved on to leveling this guy abit, then decided to pop out for awhile, now looks like gonna be a wait to get back in, doh!....... ah well i'm in no rush, think i take a break for awhile, good luck!
Currently sitting 980 in line with a 35 min wait time... not too bad
991 in line and it says 180min...
well i am 791 now 40 min it says ...
Holy !@#$! I should not log out then LOL
now anti afk bots have a second use.

to prevent you from getting logged out from being afk.
1485 in line atm.
625th in que and 32 min left
^ Updated and with my leveling character on KJ, 496 in que 37min left
Was 1485 44 minutes ago, number 554 now. Wait time est 29 minutes.
That !@#$ is locked now. I can't even get to the character screen.
Queue times in Kil'Jaeden? Never happened before
Position in que: 1782
Estimated time: 120 minutes.
I transferred here to be on a badass pvp server with plenty of people looking to group up and play and !@#$.

This does suck though

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