Arms Warrior or Retribution Paladin

I know this question has been asked a lot, but old threads do not get updated as new patches and expansions come out lol. A brief history about my play style:

-My recent main character was a hybrid feral dps and backup bear tank (if primary tank failed in dungeons). After the new patch forced me to pick between either cat or bear, I stopped playing druid and created a frost death knight (not this character lol). I loved the DK play style (even though it does feel cheap sometimes like being able to summon 10 minions lol).

So the question, which is better suited for my play style? I usually solo when questing, so survivability is important to me. I love creating chaos by rushing into a group of enemies and destroying them all face to face (hence why my choices are either paladin or warrior...because they're both melee classes who wear plate armor). I do a lot of dungeons in between questing for a faster pace while leveling, and I usually queue as DPS, but I do not mind tanking since I'm aware of the shorter queue time. One main factor I'd like to know about is the difficulty of managing rage/mana while in Arms/Retribution and Protection.

PLEASE DO NOT use any acronyms in your responses. As you can see from the contents of this thread, I am not a hardcore gamer. So aside from "DPS", I only know acronyms that you would use while texting (ex: omg, lol, ttyl, etc.). Thank you in advanced for your help.

PS. In order to get even responses due to biases, I will also post this in the Paladin forums as well.

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