How exactly does queue re-entry work!?

I lost connection, not sure whether it was the internet on my connection or on Blizzard's end.

I was playing for about an hour once I got done with my first queue. I lost connection. I relogged and got right back in. Again I lost connection. This time, in order to get back on the server, I was placed in a 2 hour queue. I'm still about 1600 out (been in the queue for about 30 mins).

How does this exactly work? Yes, it's frustrating beyond belief to keep being thrown back to the back of the line.
Not sure Blizzard has an official word out on this. We do know there is a brief cushion for a brief DC where you can log back in, so as not to screw you over for server/personal connection issues. I'd say the safe window is about 5 minutes.
That's what I'm thinking. I think I restarted the second time I DC'ed to try and correct the issue. I'm thinking that restarting (reset my IP or something?) put me back in the queue.

SUUUUUUPER bummed... guess I'll just stay up later and go eat some cheesecake while I wait.

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