Chain quest in Honeydew Village

After completing the bulk quest involving 'Regroup!' and two other quests, I did not recieve any further quest. Anyone else had the same issue?
I have the same problem on this toon.
I did the quests this morning on my hunter and got
Seeking Zin'jun after turning in Respond!
I did not get the Seeking Zin'jun after turning in Respond! with this toon.
I put in a ticket but got 3 day wait.
Nevermnind wrong quest
same. i put a ticket five days days ago. first ticket was ignored (great customer service Blizzard). so i raised a second ticket. waited for another three days. GM gave a response after 3 days. response was sh*tty. not sure what the GM was smoking that day.

this toon should be 90 by now but still at 85.
well isnt there jsut another place yo can go to so you can do other quest or do you have to have the other quest in honeydew village?
I'm having this same problem! I thought I did something wrong and ran through a lot of the zone looking for a new quest but found nothing. So I looked the problem up online and this is all I found. :/ Someone let me know if you figure out a solution! Thank you :)
I thought this was bugged. Turns out you have to do those extra quests you come across when you're doing 'regroup'. The one where you locate the barrels of booze and kill the cats (although, I think it's mainly the cat killing quest that triggers the next event). Then the Zin'jun quest becomes available.
I was playing my warrior btw.
You also have to do the quests from Taran Zhu. I got stuck after doing Regroup!, I did the other two quests and still nothing. I believe this will fix my problem.
To start questing in pandaria you need to speak with General Nazgrim aboard Hellscream's Fist (east of Orgrimmar)
apprentice yuji in dawn blossom have a quest

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