Increase Server Capacity Blizzard!

I dont understand why Blizzard allows the population of a Realm to overflow and create queues? Wouldn't you think they would cap the servers so there is no queue times, and for the more "popular" Realms increase the maximum server capacity?

We pay them enough money, they should at least upgrade the servers that have reacher and gone beyond the maximum capacity.

I'v been waiting for over 4 hours to get in... and still 1146 to go.

When you log in and there are 100426823094782947y32 people sitting on a quest giver, or standing in the boar spawn area and you get frustrated about not being able to do anything...

remember that you just asked for MORE people online at that time....

Good point. I'm getting a bit ahead of my self.. Just find it frustrating paying for a game i havent been able to play for 2 days because of queue times :(

Like any new expansion it will soon die down, and considering the fact its school holidays doesn't make things any better.
pretty sure i read years ago community manager do not read realm forums

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