Some achievements not correct on site

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I'm not sure if this is important enough to make a post about, so I apologize if I'm in the wrong place or anything. Anywho, my character Shanndi here shows half-completed (Seige of Wyrmrest) in LFR Dragon Soul on the profile page. If you look at my recent activity, you'll notice that it gives me credit for The Fall of Deathwing, yet expanding that entry claims that I only killed Madness...which is easily disproven by noticing that I have an item from Spine of Deathwing equipped. My character in-game, however, shows the achievements properly (all of Dragon Soul completed on LFR).

I noticed it before, but thought it might just be the launch, and I realize it's still pretty close to the launch but I thought it might have died down by now, so I should make a report. Thank you for your time.
There are a lot of bugs with the progression read out on the site currently, this is one of them. It's one of the next things we're going to work on.

Sorry for the incorrect display currently.

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