screw the horde!!!!

I don't attack you look at you but you seem obligated to kill me every chance you get. "OMG guys did you just see me kill that alliance i am soooooooo sweet at this game"....... not to mention the 5 others that help you kill me for no good reason. Let me fing quest! pvp server fine but you are ruining the game experience for me and all the alliance put yourself in our shoes.
  • HORDE...
  • WAT R U DOING...
  • HORDE...
  • STAHP...
This has not been my experience at all. You guys have been great, have fun leveling and with the expansion---see you around.
PvE server that way bro ->
You are on the wrong server, get your 25.00 out and head to Kel'Thuzad or Tichondrius.
Not to mention, alot of Horde are pissed about the CRZ ganking from other servers in the CRZ areas. I am gald I am not alliance on this server. You can always level via dungeon/bg.
There are Ally on this server!?

you learn something new everyday
"maybe you should cross realm party with someone from there. "

This won't work, it seems to choose the higher pop. server, regardless of the party leader's realm...
09/26/2012 02:04 PMPosted by Ayve
PvE server that way bro ->

This is pretty much a horde pve server. It's a pvp server if you're alliance.
So someone killed you or something? I'm not sure I follow....
he mad
Yeah i can agree with this statement... 1v1.. fine.. killing me below 20% okay your an a-hole. But starting a fight then running away to your horde MOB to jump me over and over? Necessary? I think not. Even when I am looking to just quest.
09/27/2012 09:41 AMPosted by Muhtotems
There was an ally priest last night starting alot of crap with multiple horde people.. Your just asking for it... Also since when is pvp fair ? Go in bg always 3-5 vs 1 nothing changes. Maybe run around in pvp gear youll have a chance. Or just dont walk on our lands..
Which zone? I'll call his mother...
Oh no. I'm on a pvp server and I got killed by the dominating faction! TO THE FORUMS! HO!

Maybe you should've been horde...or picked a server with a more even or more alliance-oriented population.
I'd like to point out that it is a felony on this server to kill endangered species.

You've all been warned.
crying about pvp on a pvp server? -_-
I'd say learn how to stealth. But what do I know? I'm a mage...I dont have that problem ;)

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